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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Complete and Accurate Regal

Steve nee William Regal is our newest Complete and Accurate wrestler. Regal is an interesting subject, because so many of his great matches have come away from the spotlight. I will end up combing through the Pro, Worldwide, Superstars, HH and NXT archives to find some examples of nasty forearms and cool matwork. As always the matches will be broken down into EPIC, GREAT, FUN and SKIPPABLE and some reviews may include comments from other members of the extended Segunda Caida family.


Roy Regal v. Marty Jones WOS 10/11/86-GREAT


Steven Regal v. Tiger Dalibar Singh South Africa 1987-EPIC


Steve Regal v. Terry Rudge CWA 10/7/88-EPIC


Steve Jones v. Dave Taylor Reslo 5/2/91- GREAT


Steve Regal v. Barbarian WCW 3/7/93 - FUN
Steve Regal v. Barry Windham WCW 4/17/93 -EPIC
Steve Regal v. Chris Benoit WCW 5/8/93 -GREAT
Lord Steven Regal v. 2 Cold Scorpio 7/27/93-FUN
Lord Steven Regal v. Ricky Steamboat WCW 8/19/93-GREAT
Lord Steven Regal v. Arn Anderson WCW 10/9/93-EPIC
Lord Steven Regal/Dick Slater v. Davey Boy Smith/Sting WCW 11/28/93-GREAT


Lord Steven Regal v. Terry Taylor WCW 1/1/94 GREAT
Lord Steven Regal v. Arn Anderson WCW 2/20/94-EPIC
Lord Steven Regal/Stunning Steve Austin v. Ricky Steamboat/Johnny B. Badd WCW 8/14/94-GREAT


Lord Steven Regal v. Shinya Hashimoto NJ 4/16/95-EPIC
Lord Steven Regal/Earl Robert Eaton v. Dick Slater/Bunkhouse Buck WCW 9/1/95-FUN
Lord Steven Regal v. Keiji Muto NJ 11/3/95 EPIC


Lord Steven Regal v. Fit Finlay WCW 4/29/96-EPIC
Lord Steven Regal v. Tony Pena WCW 11/25/96-GREAT


Lord Steven Regal v. Dean Malenko 2/7/97-GREAT
Lord Steven Regal v. Great Muta NJ 8/3/97-FUN
Lord Steven Regal v. Yuji Nagata WCW 11/1/97-GREAT
Lord Steven Regal v. Fit Finlay  WCW 12/20/97- GREAT


Steven Regal v. Dan Severn NWA 10/24/98 - GREAT
Steven Regal v. Dick Togo WWE 11/28/98-FUN


William Regal v. Steve Austin WWF 11/29/01-EPIC


William Regal/Finlay v. Bobby Lashley/Batista WWE 8/11/06-GREAT


William Regal v. CM Punk WWE 12/28/08-EPIC


William Regal v. Dolph Ziggler WWE 4/20/09-FUN
William Regal v. Yoshi Tatsu WWE 11/7/09 GREAT
William Regal v. Tommy Dreamer WWE 11/8/09-EPIC


William Regal v. Christian WWE 4/10/10-GREAT
William Regal v. Daniel Bryan v. R-Truth WWE 11/9/10- GREAT
William Regal v. Daniel Bryan WWE 11/10/10-GREAT


William Regal v. Ace Steel WLW 10/22/11 -GREAT
William Regal vs. Dean Ambrose, FCW 10/13/11 - EPIC


William Regal v. Antonio Cesaro NXT 11/21/13-EPIC

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