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Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Regal Billed You For the Pleasure and Made Your Parents Cry

Lord Steven Regal v. Yuji Nagata WCW 11/1/97-GREAT

Pretty crazy how both guys pulled out all the stops on a random Worldwide taping with Heenan making stupid jokes on commentary. Regal was at his nasty fucker best here, lots of palm strikes to the cheeks and ears and big uppercuts. Nagata's kicks looked OK and Regal sold them like death, we also got some very nifty little pieces of grappling including Nagata reversing a full neslon into a Fujiwara armbar. Also who throws five suplexes between them in a 7 minute syndie match, including ending on a top rope butterfly. Just a great example of classic WCW Syndie goodness.

William Regal v. Dolph Ziggler WWE 4/20/09-FUN

This is a a RAW dark match in London and a nice chance to see Ziggler bump around for Regal. Regal is really over and gets a bunch of chants. Ziggler's offense wasn't much, although he did hit a a nice dropkick which Regal did the Stooges sell for. I did like Ziggler killing himself on a half nelson suplex and knee trembler. Would have been really good if it had gotten more then 4 minutes.


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