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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

MLJ: 2010: A Garza Odyssey 20: Strong Man & Volador Jr. vs Héctor Garza & Místico [Super Libre]

Taped 2010-05-31 @ Arena Puebla
Héctor Garza & Místico vs. Strong Man & Volador Jr. [Relevos Increíbles, super libre]

6:55 in

I continue to feel the need to defend watching these matches. I've got no love for Andersen or Volador certainly, but I enjoyed this a lot. I'm not sure I'd call it good, particularly, but I'd call Garza's performance amazing and while Mistico loses a lot of what makes him stand out as a generic rudo, he was still fun. Garza has just been so much fun in 2010. I realize he's past his prime on some level here (though you'd hardly know it) and he's much better known for his matches earlier in his career, but his charisma has been off the charts all year. I'm a less is more sort of guy for the most part, and I'll take character work over great dives and athleticism. That Garza was still able to bring both to the table has made this enjoyable. What he could do in the ring against a crowbar like Andersen is up there with the best I've ever seen. Yes, the ceiling is relatively low and no, I wouldn't want to see it every night, but dipping in and out and seeing it a couple of times? Hugely enjoyable.

How can you not want to beat the crap out of this guy?

There sure wasn't much "supre libre" about this match but it was spirited and they did go at it. It started with them attacking Volador before Strongman made it to the ring. The crowd was behind him but despite the whole supre libre thing, the ref kept things mostly under control (under control being stifling the other, larger tecnico on the outside, slowing him down: which looked like this, shadowboxing included).

It was a good heated beatdown. I'm not a huge fan of using the ref for heat, especially in what's supposed to be a super libre match but it makes some sense when a guy so big is on the outside. It gives the illusion of some southern tag build without actually having it. Whatever works. They kept the beatdown interesting at least:

Finally, they took Volador out to the extent that they could double team Andersen, and made quick work of him, finishing him off with a 619 and a double pin. Then, Mistico got to show off his strength (which, I really think, despite his size was something that helped get him over. It was the sort of showmanship he learned from working so much with Wagner and Ultimo Guerrero years before) setting up the tandem Garza-2-Sleep kick and the end of the fall:

From there, things started to slide right into the comeback and dissention. Garza's a great villain in that he's a complete coward and willing to throw his partners under the bus and that was certainly true here, helped along by the fact that Mistico was on his way to turning back (he was in all white again for what it was worth). What followed was a litany of chickenshit antics as he tried to avoid a pissed off Strongman. It started with Mistico shoving him into the ring, and then him hiding in the corner praying:

Then, when Mistico came in to get beaten on, he casually nailed Volador instead of helping his partner and followed that up with some very helpful cheerleading before retreating out of the ring:

This led to more of Mistico being angry with Garza, especially because he kept coming to Garza's rescue against Strongman and even continues to do so, despite his anger. Garza returns the favor by doing nothing but

begging off
watching with a groan as Mistico bounced off of Strongman
and cheering some more. 
Unsurprisingly, the tecnicos took the caida.

The tercera was a lot of what you'd expect. More bouncing off of Strongman, who really was a great prop for guys as skilled as Garza and Mistico. Volador and Mistico got to do their usual exchange, down to the tandem handsprings off the rope, and I'll take clowning over that any day. Things end with Strongman having his way with Garza in the corner, chopping away and hamming it up in between. Garza finally has enough and fouls big to take the win. The pose after the foul is the most beautiful thing:

  Actually this, in the post match challenges, was pretty beautiful too:

Look, I knew what I was going to be watching coming in, but I've bought into it completely. 18 minutes, or whatever, of Garza being a stooge against an immovable object with Mistico and Volador doing their thing in the background, is as good a use of my time as anything right now. I had fun and it was pretty obvious that Hector did as well. I know I've been posting lots of gifs here, but it gets the point across: Hector was awesome.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Lucha Underground Episode 16 Workrate Report

ER: Picture Vince Russo saying "Awright, we open da show wit' a hot piece of ass bound and gagged in da trunk of a car." I can see it.

1. Aerostar vs. Drago

PAS: Really enjoyed this I think it was better then their first match. Aerostar is completely nuts his first dive was indescribable, and I really like Drago too. Still think we could use some Fuerzas or some Dick Togos, but this was my favorite of the all out techinco sprints they have run. Looking forward to the rest of this series.

ER: These guys are complete lunatics. This was totally awesome with some totally unreal innovative flying. Aerostar pulled out a few things that just don't seem possible, yet he makes look easy. Springing off the middle rope in ring to the middle rope out of ring into a crossbody to the floor comes off complicated but with him it's fluid. Later he hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor by running up and over Drago's body. Drago has some wild armbars that begin looking like blown spots and end in all sorts of twisted limbs and/or roll ups. Too much cool stuff here. I look forward to seeing them try and top each other.

2. Prince Puma vs. Cage

PAS: This is really what their first match should have been, Cage hurling Puma around the ring with power moves and Puma hitting and moving with big high spots. Lots of cool shit in this match, that initial bump by Puma off the clothesline, the insane spaceman springboard shooting star, the power bomb combo into the flipping flatliner. I liked the finish in concept, but those grounded punches needed to look better for me to buy a towel being thrown in.

ER: Damn Cage is waiting in the ring after the commercial break, which usually means jobber as far as my wrestling history is concerned. I really enjoyed this match. Although I think it's really dorky that Cage is pushed as "hating lucha libre and all that it stands for!" because…well what the fuck does that actually mean? Is lucha libre really that much different than whatever Cage does? I work in governmental accounting and that would be like me saying that I hated private sector accounting and all that it stands for. "I like fiscal accountability, I hate Mexican culture, and I like setting and working within budget restrictions." Puma hits a spectacular double springboard shooting star press, a super impactful 450, and what makes his flying great is he also misses with gusto. He splats with the best of them. Cage's moonsault still feels wildly out of place for whatever his character is supposed to be, but his offense really peaks when matched up against these fearless flyers who not only bump like mad but lean way into the moves. Cage hits a discus clothesline at one point that just obliterates Puma. I liked the finish as although the punches from mount could have been tighter, I think the idea was that he was punching an unconscious Puma, so the towel makes sense. Fun stuff.

ER: Boy Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck sounds horrible. It can only logically end with her being snapped in half, and nobody wants to see that, and it wouldn't help either person. I assume it turns into a non-match with both of them deciding to unite against the Crew? But Ryck teaming with Star is not really interesting to me.

PAS: I am not sure how I would book Sexy Star but I am sure I wouldn't book her like this.

3. Vinny Massaro vs. Pentagon Jr.

ER: Ho hooooo!! Vinny Massaro finally makes his television debut 17 years after his wrestling debut. Jeez I've been watching this guy wrestle for literally half of my life. And although it was incredibly brief I really dug him in job duty here. Hit the ropes hard, threw himself into bumps, and dumped himself on his head for the finish.

PAS: As an old APW fan I was happy to see Massaro get a look. He was pretty great as a jobber and I would like to see them throw him under a mask and give him something more to do.

4. King Cuerno vs. Johnny Mundo

ER: So Mundo had an unreal dive during this match. I don't even know how his body fit through the ropes at the angle he was in, without getting hung up, but it looked amazing. Arguably the best dive on a show filled with great dives. But for the rest of the match Mundo was atrocious. His strikes couldn't even be saved by extreme wide angles, he took weird slow motion "missed move" bumps, and just looked generally bad. THANKFULLY, things got more interesting when things started breaking down. Mundo manned up and got plastered by two giant Cuerno topes and they brawled around in a cool reckless way for awhile. I really dug Mundo's weird tope through the ring corners. Mundo has seemed to excel in these kind of wild brawls, but I am really growing tired of Mundo in actual structured matches.

PAS: I didn't dislike the in-ring stuff as much as Eric did, and totally loved your post match brawl. Those Cuerno topes were spectacular, he is approaching young Shocker/Ciclon Ramierez level violence on them,  as was Mundo's dive, and the crowd brawling looked super dangerous when they were trying to chuck each other over the balcony. I assume this leads to a street fight, which is where Mundo is at his best.

ER: Fun bounce back show this week, with some of the most spectacular dives you'll see on TV (is that celebrity diving show still on TV?)

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Monday, March 02, 2015

MLJ: Hechicero Spotlight 6: Blue Panther & Sagrado vs Caifan & Rey Hechicero

2013-04-14 @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey
Blue Panther & Sagrado vs Caifan & Rey Hechicero

I'm going off schedule with Hechicero. I had meant to watch the one last match we have (from Poder y Honor in the Monterrey Kids' Arena) from 2012 and call it, but that was a handheld from an annoying angle, and more importantly, clipped, and I've decided to move on to a couple of key 2013 matches instead. The main reason why is that I'm not satisfied that even after a number of years on the indies, I've seen the full product of Hechicero that we have now. We've gotten closer with every match but I just don't think we're there yet. Add in the fact that there are a few interesting looking matches from 2013 that I bet a lot of people just haven't seen, and I'm going to ride this out for a few more weeks.

I think I've only seen Sagrado once, back during the Cavernario Spotlight, so I don't have a great sense of him. I know Eric's certainly not high on him, and that's damning in and of itself. I would have probably rather have someone else from CMLL in here. Caifan, on the other hand, can hold his own in a setting like this. It's tecnicos vs tecnicos from what I can tell (Caifan may have been rudo but he didn't wrestle that way; lots of handshakes, etc), with Panther and Sagrado marketed as CMLL and Hechicero and Caifan as reglos.

This was a fun one. The story here was the actual exchanges and getting to see these indy guys of relatively lengthy experience go up against CMLL regulars, but it was the structure that I really dug. It had more time to breathe than a lot of TV matches and was very regimented. Caifan won the rock/paper/scissors to start so he had a matwork exchange with Panther. Then Sagrado and Hechicero got to have theirs. Then, still in the primera, we had the first rope running/pace-picking-up exchange between Panther and Caifan, which lead to things breaking down and BP and Sagrado taking the fall. When they reset to start the segunda, it was with the Hechicero and Sagrado pace-picking-up exchange, then the second one of Caifan and Panther, and finally the second of Hechicero and Sagrado to end the fall. Finally, in the Tercera, Panther calls for Hechicero and they break from the structure, the two of them going at it until Sagrado interrupts, which ends the tecnico lovefest and allows for a series of partner break-ups as they head to the finish. It all made for a great and disciplined sense of build, especially effective since it ended in a double-pin draw.

The Panther/Caifan interactions were better than the Hechicero/Sagrado ones. I can say that pretty definitively. The level of difficulty for Hechicero's stuff was certainly higher. He did a lot of his more complex holds and submissions, but Sagrado's escapes were lackluster, to say the least, and the smoothness of Panther and Caifan's struggle stood out much more. I do think that we had a more complete Hechicero here, but he still needs a dance partner that can handle the complexity of what he brings to the table, and Sagrado wasn't it. Panther's just so good at the little things; one example is how he was tossed into the bottom two ropes by Caifan (on a fun corner headstand headscissors) and as Caifan charged in, he immediately shifted his body around and got his feet up defensively to stop the charge. Also, neither here nor there, but Caifan's one arm over the head suplex with a bridge is awesome.

What i really wanted out of this match was Panther vs Hechicero and I didn't get a ton of it, but I enjoyed most of what I did get and there are still a bunch of interesting matches to come for the year (a trios with Ultimo Guerrero and Blue Panther on one side and Hechicero teaming with Caifan and LA Park and two singles matches with Lucero), so we'll try to finish this spotlight strong.

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Pro Wrestling Revolution Workrate Report 2/28/15

This week we get a match from their 10/4/14 show at the King City fairgrounds. What's odd is this was the main event of the show, and usually this promotion milks every single match on their cards, showing just one per week and making a 2 hour card last two months. But they almost always show the main event last, going through all the undercard matches first. So it's curious that the first King City match we get is the main.

1. Juventud Guerrera & Alex Koslov vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)

As expected, this was a customary Juventud indy match, where he is on the apron for 80% of the match, doesn't get involved in any situations where he has to sell, just comes in to hit his stuff and pop the crowd, then gets back out. That was expected. The match was odd as there were no real heat segments, yet Los Luchas were supposed to be the rudos (despite not really doing anything rudo-ish). So Koslov was the FIP but was never really in that much danger, and worked fairly even with Los Luchas. Juvy tagged himself in at one point and at this point he kind of works like Rey after his 14th knee surgery, except without taking bumps. His stuff in ring looked good, threw some really nice kicks and ran some quick exchanges, but it was clear and at times pretty obvious he didn't really want to bump or practically leave his feet. At one point he hip tosses one of Los Luchas over the top to the floor, then does the same to the other, tossing him into his partner. Then he teases a dive, but doesn't dive. Then he gets out onto the apron, but doesn't dive. He did do a really great crossbody off the top in ring, but it did seem like most of the time he was actively trying to not leave his feet. It's an interesting workaround and a testament to the skills he still has, that he can still be engaging while also being lazy. Alex Koslov was fine enough here, although not doing tons to stand out. His forearms were much tighter than Los Luchas, which again made the FIP section not great since he seemed to regularly overpower LL. This was pretty much the match you would expect.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The King is Cutting Trails, Screams and Wails, Face Go Pale, Never Fails

Jerry Lawler/Jackie Fargo/Bill Dundee v. Larry Latham/Pete Austin/Wayne Ferris CWA 7/9/79 -GREAT

This is during the feud between Dundee/Lawler and the Blond Bombers leading up to the famous Tupelo concession stand brawl. This was that kind of match, as the focus was on Jackie Fargo running through his classic bag of tricks. Fargo is a delight in this match, instead of pulling down his strap he hulks up by pulling off his singlet, he stooge eye pokes Latham, he fakes a referee count when Austin has Dundee pinned and when Austin pops up he smacks him in the mouth. The heel team were there mostly to stooge for Fargo, and Lawler  pretty much gets in one cool flurry where he fights off all three (including some nasty back hand strikes, which after all the Lawler I have seen is a new one.) Post match was more serious, with Danny Davis pulling out his canteen and throwing something (acid, alcohol, fire ants?) onto Fargo who writhes in pain on the mat. Not a hidden classic or anything, but we don't have a ton of Fargo available, and it is great to get any chance to watch him do his thing.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV Episode 7 Workrate Report

1. Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (8/11/13)

So let me say that there was a GREAT moment in this match, after for TNA legend Naito had gotten his knee worked over a bit by Tanahashi, and Tanahashi shot him into the ropes, Naito did one of the greatest injured knee sells I'd ever seen. It looked so damn real, as he could barely make it running to the ropes, bounced back and just crumbled awkwardly onto his head and shoulder, at Tanahashi's feet. It was so wonderful and so perfectly pro wrestling. I rewound it a couple of times to see it again, really pay close attention to it. I called Rachel into the room, showed it to her and she asked if he had actually hurt his knee. It was a great, great moment.

But it happened just 4 minutes into the match. And there's no way Naito was going to be able to pull this off for another 30 minutes. He opened with "torn meniscus and shattered patella" and he still hadn't done any offense. It was a great spot in a vacuum, but he bit of wayyyyy more than he could ever possibly chew. It also meant that for the rest of the match I had to hear Mauro and Josh cry tears for Naito's poor, devastated knee. At one point Barnett even called it "emaciated". This all would have been news to Naito who was up, running around and doing all of his moves just fine. I mean the Koji Clutch he uses a lot would put an insane amount of pressure on his poor, emaciated knee. Oh, Naito will occasionally shake out his knee or sell it when it's convenient for him and won't get in the way of a Stardust Press.

I liked Tanahashi in this, but although I enjoyed his leg work there is something to be said about knowing your opponent's limitations and him going so hard after Naito's knee was a solid match plan in theory, but Naito isn't good enough to reliably work it into the frame of the match. Tanahashi has been far more enjoyable in these shows than expected, as he's tightened up some things in the last couple years (the HFF generally looks great, especially his crossbody version to the floor, the Slingblade actually looks like a real move now, his commitment to "missed" moves is really great as he flies painfully into opponents' knees on missed splashes), but man was Naito garbage. He has no clue how to competently work a match, he can't execute moves very effectively, his offense doesn't make tons of sense as a whole, he is a complete statue in terms of charisma, shows no passion, and seems to get lost at times (with the worst offense being a missed…something…as I believe they were both doing a crossbody spot but both men bumped too early and it ended up looking like both guys got hurt by the invisible monster in Fantastic Planet). Bad match. But man, that one moment was GREAT.

Oh, and while a lot of Barnett's jokes fall flat, he actually made me chuckle out loud when Naito locked on the Koji Clutch and Barnett yelled "Shades of Joe Stecher!" Good one. Mauro also made me laugh out loud, but unintentionally, because it's hard to keep a straight face during his Japanese over pronunciations. My favorite of his this week was "En-Zwee-GIDI" on an Naito enziguiri.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

MLJ: Enter: King Haku 2: King Haku, La Fiera, Pegasus Kid vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Negro Casas, Sangre Chicana

Taped 1993-09-24 @ Arena México
King Haku, La Fiera, Pegasus Kid vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Negro Casas, Sangre Chicana

I realize I may have gone a little overboard with the gifs last time, so there will be none here. Full disclosure would tell you that there were just less things TO gif here. This is it for what we have online for Haku in Mexico which is a shame because he was pretty great in these two matches. I would have loved to see him in some more brawl-centric stuff. I see 31 matches with him in the Match Finder between 92 and 94, and a lot of them were Tv matches, as best as I can tell. Some of the match ups, singles matches, are pretty goofy. He beat Porky in the quarterfinals of a Heavyweight title tournament and lost to Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. I can't even imagine that second match. He lost to Rayo in a Grand Prix tournament final too. There's a trios where he's teamed up with Dos Caras and Villano III vs Canek, Pirata Morgan and Satanico. You have to admit that sounds cool. Oh wait, Atlantis, Haku, and Lizmark vs Emilio Charles, Jr., Satanico and Pirata Morgan sounds even cooler. Ah well, we've got what we've got.

And unfortunately, this one is much less of a Haku focus. Fortunately, however, it's much more of a Fiera vs Negro Casas focus. This was setting up a hair match between the two a week or so later. Yes, Benoit's in this too, and I don't often watch a lot of his stuff these days (yeah, I'm one of those), but this feels so far removed from who he was ten years later, that I don't quite see the harm. Sangre Chicana's here too but he's sort of a non factor.

I enjoyed the previous a lot more for a number of reasons. For one, it had more time, and used it well, with a lot of showcase exchanges and everyone getting to wrestle everyone else. This started out with some heat, though, and that's always welcome. The rudos charged right in with Casas beelining towards Fiera and the numbers game immediately being played. This lasted for a minute or so until Haku intervened, which lead shortly thereafter to the first of what felt like seventeen Fiera spin kicks in the match. It's a really nice move but boy did he go to that well a lot. This kicked off the rope-running and back and forth exchanges, the highlights of which (almost gif worthy) were a double strength top wristlock spot that Haku reversed on Chicana and Wagner and Haku hitting four one armed backbreakers in a row. I have in my notes Benoit doing a "reverse plancha headscissors" and I'm going to guess those were two moves. Also, Haku superkicking people all over the ring. I liked the finish of the primera a lot. Oh what the heck. Let's go with one gif here:

Segunda wasn't much, really. It had a lot of Fiera beating up Casa and a fun bit of back and forth finishes where everyone got to do something. Benoit hit a superplex but ended up tripled teamed and killed by a Casas senton. He ended up eliminated but it was all for naught as things end up Fiera vs Casas again and Casas loses to yet another German (after yet another spin kick).

The finish made sense considering that Casas was going over in the hair match. A fun little functional match but ultimately sort of hollow. Casas was around 32 here and already had so much of that character mastery down, but he could supplement it with bumping and selling and spots he just can't do now. I like some of the shortcuts he's come up with over the years but you can't watch this stuff and not notice how engaging and dynamic he can be. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

There are Too Many People Planning Regal's Downfall

Steve Regal v. Chris Beniot WCW 5/8/93 -GREAT

This used to be my favorite match up in wrestling know. This is a really early version of it, Benoit during his first WCW run, and Regal even before he was a Lord. This was worked more like a NJ juniors match than the gritty bombfests these matches would become. The execution of both guys is really great, as they did a nice looking extended armdrag and kip up sequence, which was smooth as soy milk. End was pretty cool too, as Benoit kicked out of a butterfly suplex, before planting Regal with a bridging dragon suplex which was pretty high end in 93.

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Lucha Underground Episode 15 Workrate Report

1. Mil Muertes vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

ER: Well. This was…okay? Kinda felt like treading water. I liked Chavo's plancha. The best stuff all happened post match as Muertes punches a chair out of Chavo's hands and then lands his best right hand of the match. It is kinda funny that Russo rumors circulated last week and this week we have Muertes choking Catrina and almost doing his finisher on her (yes yes I know these were taped months ago). I also liked Fenix and Catrina's super sloppy drunk person make out sesh.

PAS: I liked Chavo in this fine and this was the best in ring match of a pretty weak show. Don't really know if we established Muertes and Catrina's relationship enough to have their break up mean a ton. Also have no idea who the face and who the heel in their relationship is.

ER: I've gotten so used to the low hanging fruit advertising aimed at us dummy wrestling fans that I mostly just tune out and fast forward if possible, but man is it a little jarring seeing gory Lucio Fulci movies advertised on TV during wrestling.

2. Ivelisse vs. Angelico

ER: This was amusing for what it was. Ivelisse's stuff looked good, if unlikely. I liked how supportive and helpful Son of Havoc was. It's refreshing not seeing the jealous man angle. I like the idea of loser Son of Havoc being the jobless stay-at-home boyfriend who still doesn't really do his share of the chores.

PAS: No idea why you'd do two breakup angles back to back. This seemed like sort of a waste of time to me, although Angelico does have some sleazebag charisma.

3. Super Fly vs. Texano

ER: Not really the debut path I would have taken for Texano, working mirror sequences with a flier, but whatever. Now the post match stuff with Patron was great. Texano laces into him with a couple stiff shots on the floor and Alberto goes off and beats him with nasty shots with the bull rope wrapped around his fist.

PAS: Texano's finisher is really dumb looking. I also really dug the post match brawl. I haven't seen any of the Patron v. Texano matches in AAA, but this made me want to check some of them out.

4. Bael, Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco vs. Pimpinela Escarlata, Sexy Star & Mascarita Sagrada

ER: I thought this served its purpose. Dario set up The Crew with some theoretical tomato cans, two of whom they dispatched easily and the other they toyed with too long. Pimpi got dealt with first and I really liked the way he sold being choked out by the kendo stick. Cisco generously bumps a bit for Sagrada but eventually they hit a rough curb stomp and nasty apron powerbomb on him and B-Boy finally does something that looks decent by yakuza kicking Sagrada on the floor (the overhead camera shot betrays us again as Sagrada does a dive but it doesn't look like much with that view). That leaves us with The Crew taking on Sexy Star, and some stuff looked better than others but I thought this was effective if they actually plan on continuing to push Star. Ryck comes down the temple stairs looking like one hoss motherfucker, allowing Star to get a reverse roll-up on Bael (jeez he could have at least attempted to get one of his shoulders down for the pin. He was leaned way up into her ass crack so that it didn't even look like a pin). Striker even made a Donovan Morgan reference, which is weird.

PAS: I would have rather seen the first part of this match be a little more even until they started taking people out. Pimpi is a great brawler, and he falls really fast. I did like the curbstomp on the chair, if you a writing someone out, that is a nasty way to do it. There were moments in the Sexy Star match, but other stuff did not look good.

ER: Kind of a flat show this week. Most weeks the hour breezes right by but this one kind of dragged. Not much good in the wrestling department and not much to the backstage segments.

PAS: Yeah this was the worst show they have done. Also really odd booking having implied sexual assault in three separate segments. Really hurts the main event threatened rape, if that is an undercard spot too. Really feels like the part of Foley's book where he had a bloody match planned against Gilbert and they ran a first blood battle royal as the opener.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Belligerent Ghouls Run Regal's Schools

William Regal v. Daniel Bryan v. R-Truth WWE 11/9/10- GREAT

Kind of a WARish lineup, I can't remember why these three guys would be wrestling each other, but it worked surprisingly well. Truth worked a bunch of really fast rope running exchanges with Bryan and which made it more juniorish, and when Regal and Bryan would match up they would just rip into each other. You can tell Bryan was loving working Regal in London as he was doing some Regal mannerisms, including a curtsey and the phony handshake exchange. Not a ton of three way spots, but there was a great stacked superplex where Regal just hurled both guys down. Real neat discovery.


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