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Saturday, June 08, 2013

My Favorite Wrestling! WCW Saturday Night 2/7/98

WCW Saturday Night 2/7/98

1. Glacier vs. The Cat

I always have a soft spot for the WCW karate matches. Most of them aren't very good but they're always just 3 minutes and have enough dumb fun. Cat doesn't move early enough for the planned missed Cryonic Kick spot, so he ends up "dodging" it by just swatting it away, which looked hilarious. The Feliner actually always looks really good, though, and Glacier leaned into it. Can't ask for much more than that I guess.

2. Scott/Steve Armstrong vs. Public Enemy

This was awesome because it was Armstrongs working as heels which is soooo great. Armstrongs are always great, but their heel offense is awesome. Tons of cool double teams, uppercuts and stooging. PE do their thing, which is OK. Grunge takes a bump into the stairs really nicely. Rachel says Rocco sells a body slam like a turtle flipped onto his shell, and she's 100% right.

3. Bobby Blaze vs. Barry Horowitz

Cool short match that had Horowitz working really stiff and Blaze tossing some cool suplexes. Finish was really great as Horowitz got thrown into the turnbuckles, stopped himself and came out of the corner and leveled Blaze with a GREAT rolling elbow. Then he picked Blaze up to finish him off with a DDT, stopped to pat himself on the back, which allowed Blaze to reverse with an awesome snap northern lights suplex for the win.

4. Chris Jericho vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Total 90s cruiser workrate 5 minute sprint. This was during my favorite Jericho period, when he was a total John Tatum tantrum-having crybaby. Chavo seems pretty loose here but Jericho is really great at getting into position for all his stuff and taking the offense nicely (he bumped gigantic off a dropkick). My sister and I LOVED him during this period.

5. Mark Starr vs. Louie Spicolli

I haven't actually seen tons of Louie Spicolli, maybe just a few matches. He didn't look as good as Mark Starr here, but he looked like a guy with potential. Starr threw some nice punches and took offense well, and Spicolli was a guy that had some pretty cool offense. Nice spine buster, big enziguiri, a lot of agility for a chubby guy. Are there any recommended Spicolli matches?

6. Disco Inferno vs. Goldberg

I love Goldberg. Disco is a pretty perfect foil for Goldberg because he knows how to stooge and holy shit do the fans go apeshit for the Jackhammer ALREADY. This was probably only 20 or 30 matches into the streak and the fans were way into it at this point. The guy just had "it".

7. Chris Adams vs. Brad Armstrong

Armstrong worked heel here and threw tons of cool shots to the neck and threw great uppercuts (hmmmm as did Scott Armstrong earlier tonight...) but this was kind of an Adams squash. He got some cool stuff in, including great forearms from the mount to the back of Brad's head and ending with an epic superkick (Brad spits at just the right time to make it look like a tooth flew out of his mouth and it looks SOOOOO GREAT) and AFTER the match we get the start of the Adams/Glacier SUPERKICK FEUD!!!! Awwwwwww yeah, baby. But holy shit did Adams' superkick look amazing here. I wish he could have kicked the shit out of Marufuji.

8. Mike Tolbert vs. Greg Valentine

I have zero memory of Mike Tolbert and when I did a google search for him the first thing that came up was a link to a blog titled "beefcakesofwrestling" and when I clicked on it, it took me to a page that asked me whether "I understood and wished to continue" or "I do not wish to continue" that the site had adult content and decided that I did not wish to continue. But now I'll forever wonder "why Mike Tolbert!?" I mean, in this episode alone I would have rather seen hunky oiled photos of Steve and Brad Armstrong and Chris Jericho, why is Mike Tolbert considered such a beefcake? I fully accept that I may not have my finger on the pulse of 1998 gay men society, so therefore acknowledge that I may not know who is a stud and who is not. I mean, I've seen the movie Longtime Companion and own a bunch of Hüsker Dü and R.E.M. records and have one gay Facebook friend I went to high school with (and shared a bed with on drama tour!! gasp!! Also, I was on the drama tour), but that doesn't really make me an authority on who is a beefcake in wrestling and who isn't. I guess I'm just disappointed in the gay community. I do hope that we get a little more gay interest traffic to the site here now that we'll boast one Mike Tolbert review. I think there's a lot of potential new readers.

A lot of readers have found the site by googling "Phil Schneider comps". A totally equal amount of people have found the site by googling "Jack Birthrider". I don't know if there was any crossover between those searches. Hell, we have one person within the week who found this site by searching for "Jack Birthrider".

I guess overall I'm just disappointed in the gay community for this whole Mike Tolbert: Beefcake fiasco. I mean, there were a bunch of Buff Bagwell nWo commercials on this episode. I just think they could set their sights way higher. Tolbert is such a bland, puffed up roids guy. So bland. That's what the gay community finds interesting!? Really!? You're telling me that if you're at an Erasure concert, and you see Mike Tolbert there, or you see Ray Lloyd or Chavo Jr., you're going for Mike Tolbert? And you're gonna tell all your friends about the beefcake you met while dancing to "A Little Respect" is some bland gassed white guy who has no idea how to run the ropes? For shame, gays.

9. Silver King vs. Eddie Guerrero

Hey, you know what two guys were good at pro wrestling? These two guys. Don't be fooled by the deceptively stocky physique of Silver King. Loved these two matched up against each other and would have loved a tag run. I'm glad King eventually got that great NJPW run as he really started coming into his own around now and became a big favorite of mine in 2001. I got nothing to add to this and yeah my write up sounds like I didn't even watch the match, but I just couldn't think of new ways to say "I enjoy how these guys run and tumble around each other".

10. Raven vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit starts with some mic work that contains this gem: "It's obvious, the book on my life has yet to be written." Uhhhhhh....yup. I fast forward through Raven on the stick. The flock does a run in about 30 seconds into this. Sick Boy spectacularly blows a springboard something and Benoit kicks him in the face.

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