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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Bootleg- Finlay v. McIntyre

Finlay v. Drew McIntyre 11/7/09 Dusseldorf Germany

Just a great smash mouth intense match. They start out with some jaw jacking, and then do an amusing comedy spot as Finlay does a tour of ringside smacking hands, and then McIntyre comes out and gets dissed. Finlay runs out as Drew is cussing at the fans, jumps him and it is on. Hardly any downtime, as both guys are throwing bombs. Finlay breaks out his awesome ring skirt fly trap spot and takes a nasty bump on the ring apron. McIntyre takes a huge bump over the top rope, and gets right in Finlay's face matching him hard shot for hard shot. They actually get some dramatic near falls before the inevitable screwy finish. I loved this, totally recommended.

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