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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Regal With a Thorn in his Side, Behind the Hatred There Lies

Lord Steven Regal v. Terry Taylor WCW 1/1/94-GREAT

Hell of a start to 1994 for Regal. This felt almost like a US version of a lucha maestros match. Taylor is pretty bland but can put on simple holds which Regal can find awesome ways of working counters around. First part of the match was Regal working a top wrist lock and then Taylor working a body scissors. Could be dull in other peoples hands, but Regal has a ton of nifty spots built around wrist locks and bodyscissors. There is always action in every hold. Finish got a little chippy with Regal slapping down Taylor's lock up attempts and throwing forearms. They finally finished with the fish flop counter sequence (which wasn't a cliche in 1994) which Taylor was a little awkward at. Very cool stuff though and probably a top 10 Terry Taylor match


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