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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm Thinking The King, Nullify My Life. You're Going to Die. You Gonna Decease.

Jerry Lawler v. Yukon Braxton IWR 2/3/02-GREAT

Nifty discovery which just showed up on the internet. Braxton basically works heel Lawler against a face Lawler. He stalls, hides the chain, grabs the rope in an ab stretch. Lawler fires back with some great looking Lawler punches, including a chop/punch combo Tenryu style. End run was pretty exciting with Braxton misses a huge top rope elbow, Lawler hitting his piledrive for a very close 2. Finish was a little goofy though with Lawler bumping the ref, grabbing Braxton's chain KOing him. Only for the ref to reverse the call. I love these touring indy Lawler matches, he is so good at coming in and making the local guy look great.




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