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Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 Lucha Roundup

So much Lucha is available on the internet these days, I thought we would try to cover the 2013 highlights here on SC. If I miss something good throw me a message.

(As always with these BTJr. files, the first fall is public, message him for the final two)

This is always a fun match up, and I am happy they made it Apaches v. Traumas rather then a parajas like they have done in the past. The Apaches have some size to them so this doesn't look like as big a mismatch as some intergender matches do, when Fabi hits a senton it looks like it hurts. Enjoyed the first fall matwork a bunch, this is what the Traumas do at an elite level, and both sisters are well trained too. Second fall had the Traumas really rudoing it up, bullying and stiffing the ladies until a satisfying comeback. Third fall was a bit perfunctory and short which kept this from being a high end match, fine start to the year but nothing which is going to stick by the end

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