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Monday, November 19, 2012

CMLL on Galavision Workrate Report, 11/10/12

These matches were from the 11/2 Arena Mexico show and all the ring girls are dressed up like corpse brides. The sluttiest corpse brides these eyes have ever seen (and I live in a college town).

1. Skandalo vs. Delta

This was what it was. I really dig Skandalo but I don't think he's as well suited to singles matches yet, same goes for Delta. Skandalo had a foxy gypsy girl with him that helped him cheat to a bunch of dropkick offense (tie Delta up in the corner, running dropkick to inner thigh. Tie Delta up in the ropes, running dropkick to ass.), and Delta bumped admirably (including a nice sprawl into the ring barrier after getting chucked by the mucho stockier Skandalo), but at a certain point this was just Skandalo getting in the way of Delta's flipping and lying there while Delta flipped onto him.

2. Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugheit/La Commandante vs. Luna Magica/Dark Angel/Estrellita

Everybody is wearing Halloween/Day of the Dead costumes and Blanca/Sugheit look awesome as mourning widows. Dark Angel is wearing a body suit and somehow looks way hotter than when she is hardly wearing anything at all. You see that, ladies, it's all about what you DON'T show. The fans seem to agree with me as every time she's in the hoots 'n' hollers start up (which I don't remember ever hearing when she's dressed in her normal gear. Odd). Commandante I assume is dressed as 80s Billy Crystal or Diego Luna's dad. This was actually really surprising, because the rudas just dominated most of the match. Tecnicas would always transition to offense by the rudas missing a move, never by just fighting back. Most of the match was Blanca and the others just treating them like they didn't belong, tossing them around by their hair, calmly stepping out of the way of flying attacks, foiling tecnica ambushes, etc. Just a really weird structure. Conversely, Dark Angel cat suit.

3. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Rey Escorpion

Now this was a really really good CMLL main event. They took the lousy main event structure, but worked within those confines to mix it up a bit. 1st caida is usually a 90 second move sprint ending with a move that shouldn't normally end a fall. 2nd is usually a 30 second fall ending with the other guy getting a submission that doesn't look painful. Then the 3rd is usually a your-move-my-move extravaganza. Those elements were all somewhat present here, but twisted just enough to make it work VERY well. 1st caida was just a straight mugging by UG, with Escorpion taking a gnarly flat back bump to the floor, then getting hit by a UG tope, then getting hit by a UG flip dive, then getting hit by a UG plancha from the top to the floor. Escorpion gets counted out and UG wins the first. I LOVE that way to end a fall, just not giving your opponent time to breathe and if you only have a couple minutes to work in a fall, that's a great way to do it. 2nd fall is your standard super short fall, and ends by Escorpion submission, but only because UG gets cocky and tries to go for some loopy, silly submission, loses it, and allows Rey to sink in a better one to capitalize on UG's mistake. So there was just more behind the sub than simply a guy taking a back bumped and locking it on like it usually goes. UG went for some silly shit while in control, Rey made him pay. 3rd does have move exchanges, but both guys sell damage nicely, moves build upon other moves. UG blasted Rey with a nice sit out powerbomb earlier in the match, in the 3rd he goes for one off the 2nd rope and there's a cool exchange where Rey is trying to take UG's mask off while UG is struggling with whether to hold onto his mask or hold onto the powerbomb. Great spot with great struggle that added mightily to things. So yeah, CMLL main event formula pretty much blows, but this is GREAT proof that those will talent can overcome any crummy formula. Check it out.

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