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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CMLL on Galavision Workrate Report, 11/17/12

These matches were from the 11/9 Arena Mexico show.

1. Sangre Azteca vs. Fuego

Not bad at all. Sangre hits a wicked springboard seated dropkick to Fuego's "inner thigh", Fuego gets a nice nearfall off a rana, and this was over quickly even for a lightning match. 

2. Okumura/Puma King/Namajague vs. Rey Cometa/Stuka Jr./Triton

First fall is fucking GREAT with Stuka launching a bullet tope into Okumura, Rey Cometa improving by the month (he is just so much more fluid than most of the young fliers in CMLL that get pushed above him. His headscissors are my favorite since Freelance was regularly making tape), Okumura always fills the empty place in my heart left by SUWA, and Namajague has a real great snap to his bumps which really puts over Stuka and Triton. He really whips himself into face first bumps and flings himself into the ropes on a monkey flip, and really makes a seated dropkick to his chest look like it collapsed his sternum. Cometa has that same snap and makes every single kick that Puma throws look like he's getting blasted by vintage Cro Cop. Cometa's flip bumps off clotheslines are a thing of beauty. 3rd caida features all three tecnicos one-upping each other with dives, as Stuka hits his beautiful arm-tucked tope en reversa off the top to the floor, Triton hits an insane springboard moonsault to the floor, and then Cometa twists about 18 times on a plancha before hitting Puma. So awesome. This is probably the most fun CMLL match I've seen in 6 months and everybody got to shine, and they all looked fucking GREAT. This match was AWESOME. Once Cubs posts it I will throw it up here and make it mandatory viewing.

3. Volador Jr./Ultimo Guerrero/Terrible vs. Marco Corleone/Maximo/Rush

Volador has the best superkick in the bizzzz, and UG does the best Jerry bump in the bizzzz. No clue how his ankles just haven't shattered by now, and no clue how Volador hasn't beheaded someone at this point. Corleone looks like a total goober here with his football jersey, caesar haircut and chinstrap beard. I assume he got tired of Mexican pussy at some point and began actively trying to ugly up in an attempt to turn it away. Volador can make a standard headscissors look like it breaks his neck and bumps spectacularly for Maximo. Rush is really getting good, too. I used to not be able to stand this guy, but his comebacks and stomps and fire are getting undeniably natural. Do other people like Marco? I don't think I've honestly heard an opinion either way. Am I the only one? I genuinely liked him during his original CMLL run, and he hasn't really missed a beat. I like his looping left, he bumps big for his size, and his charisma is undeniable. Yeah, he pussed out on a Volador superkick, but I understand. Maximo hits a stunning ropewalk flip dive to the floor, and Terrible gets to go over Marco super clean, and this match completely delivered in every single way. Cubs needs to post these stat, as both of these last two matches are 100% must see. Probably my two favorite CMLL matches from the last 4+ months.

Also, I've had a lot of bourbon. I'm confident it hasn't affected my viewpoint. I have drunk dialed numerous ex girlfriends, however.

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