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Saturday, June 04, 2011

We Can Go For A Walk Where It's Quiet and Dry and Talk About Regal

Lord Steven Regal v. Arn Anderson WCW 10/9/93-EPIC

This is the battle of the two greatest Television champions in a classic 15 minute TV Title main event. Arn works the arm Anderson style, cranking a nasty hammerlock, while Regal breaks out some slick WOS reversals. Including the Saint full nelson counter which is one of my all time favorite British wrestling moves. Regal takes over when he chucks Arn to the floor and Sir William pops him in the ribs with the umbrella. Regal then goes after the midsection including a sweet flipping senton, and a neck crank with a knee on the stomach which looked really nasty. This builds to a classic TV title time limit run, with Arn going full bore to get the pin and Regal trying to run out the time. That is a finish which can be hard to pull off, I have seen plenty of bad versions where the guys are stalling or timing their moves and pins badly. Here we have the two masters of the TV Title match, so the final desperate face run is timed great, and we get the spinebuster at the perfect moment, with the clock running down right as the ref counts two. Excellent match, great use of the gimmick and it really got me amped to check out more of the Regal TV title stuff.

Lord Steven Regal v. Great Muta NJ 8/3/97-FUN

Regal is clearly inspired and working hard, but Muta was fully in wander around and make faces mode, making this basically a one man show. When Muta is dogging it there is going to be a limit on how good a match is going to be, but Regal does a nice job working with a broomstick with cool facepaint. The first part of this match is all Regal working nasty arm submissions and takedowns while Muta lays around. Finish is pretty great, as Regal pins Muta's arms and pounds away with palm strikes, only to get a face full of poison mist. Half assed backbreaker, and a moonsault and Muta gets the duke. This definitely makes me want to see more New Japan Regal, although preferable against an opponent who gives a fuck.

William Regal/Finlay v. Bobby Lashley/Batista WWE 8/11/06-GREAT

This is during the awesome King Booker period on Smackdown with Regal and Finlay working as members of the King's Court. Finlay and Regal are a really fun bruiser tag team, almost all of the match is based around them beating on Bobby Lashley. They had married Lashley to Finlay at this point to turn him into a wrestler, and he was fine as a guy taking really nasty uppercuts and forearms. I forgot how much I enjoyed heel Hornswoggle, as the tiny monster living under the ring was a cool Cornette tennis racket. Team Strikeforce negotiations was a perfectly acceptable Road Warriors team and it was a testament to Regal and Finlay that they looked so credible going toe to toe with such giant roid monsters. Another cool WWF Regal discovery which is one of the big goals of this project.


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Anonymous Brett said...

I'd love to also see more NJ Regal, his match with Benoit from 9/95 is one of my favorites.

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