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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday Night Bootleg- Regal v. Punk

William Regal v. CM Punk MSG 12/28/08

Truly tremendous match. The best babyface Punk match I have ever seen and one of Regal's best WWE matches as well. We start with some very nice chain wrestling, Punk went to one of the Blue Blood training camps and you could tell he was jazzed to work holds against Regal. Punk sidestepped Regal and threw him to the floor, where he followed with a big tope, which is not something you normally see at house shows, even at MSG. The momentum shifts again when Regal counters an Irish whip and just launches Punk with a half nelson suplex, Punk takes a full Misawa bump on the move, hurling him out of the ring. Regal takes over and just beats on Punk. Lots of nifty violent moments by Regal in this section, he does a go behind and blasts Punk with forearms to the back of the head, and counters the first GTS attempt with a fast and violent flurry of elbows. Regal is letting it loose a little here, stiffing Punk, throwing him with suplexes. Punk is always willing to work this style and Regal really shows his versatility by being the best possible Samoa Joe here. Finish is a great too, with Regal reversing a GTS by trying to rip Punk's nose off, and then obliterating him with the knee trembler. Awesome discovery, go watch this match.

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