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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Now Regal Knows How Joan of Arc Felt

Lord Steven Regal v. Brian Pillman WCW 8/13/94-GREAT

Great match up between two awesome wrestlers, and a matchup I didn't remember and never really considered. Pillman was a little subdued here, he through some cool backfists, and chops, but Regal really controlled this with his performance even when Pillman was on offense. Early Pillman controlled with a headlock and Regal was awesome as he was constantly trying different escapes and counters, he never stopped testing Pillman and looking for holds. Similarly when Regal was grounding Pillman he would be constantly adjusting his grip, applying pressure to Pillman's neck, switching grips, adjusting his weight,  just super violent looking armlocks and necklocks. Finish came a little abruptly with some Sir William interference which wasn't tied into to the rest of the match, that kept this from being an EPIC, but man it is great to watch Regal at the height of his powers, doing his thing.


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