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Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Time the Tale Were Told How Regal Took a Child and Made Him Old

Steve Regal v. Barbarian WCW 3/7/93 - FUN

This is another babyface WCW Regal match, not nearly the classic that the Windham match was, but a nifty little clash of styles. Basically it had Regal using his wiles to avoid Barbarians power, and occasionally failing and getting smashed. There was a cool moment where Regal went for a sunset flip, Barbarian doesn't go over, and punches Regal in the head. It is a spot we have all seen a million times except Regal does this awesome KO sell, like he was Frazier in the 15th round in Manila. Not much of a Barbarian performance, and if he had been more game this could have been something special


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