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Sunday, February 08, 2015

It's Only One God and It's Only One Crown and It's Only Dick Togo that Can Stand on this Mound

SATO/Shiryu v. TAKA Michinoku/Super Delfin MPRO 9/20/94-GREAT

Not the fluid lucharesu showcase you might expect from this lineup, instead we get a violent beatdown by the SATO and Shiryu.  They run out and blitz TAKA and Delfin, throwing them violently all around the arena SATO (our boy Dick) takes TAKA out to the lobby and chucks him into a concrete post, slams him on a ping pong table and chokes him with some guys umbrella. They take Delfin out completely with a spiked tombstone on the floor, leaving them to brutalize TAKA 2 on 1. There is a great comeback moment where TAKA dropkicks them to the floor and hits his spaceman plancha, he goes back in the ring to dive on Togo again, and Shiryu just wastes him with a larait to the back of the head. They beat the ref for the hell of it, and then Terry Boy comes in and they do some neck compressing triple teams, before leaving TAKA in a heap. Too one sided to be an EPIC match, but man was this an nasty beat down, SATO and Shiryu look like killers.


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