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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Daisuke Ikeda's Looks Must Threaten You To Act the Way You Do

Daisuke Ikeda v. Yuki Ishikawa  MPRO 12/15/94-EPIC

I am pretty sure this is the first Ishikawa v. Ikeda match we have on tape, it is so cool to watch an incubatory version of one of the greatest match ups in wrestling history. This starts out a lot more grappling heavily then their late Battlarts matches, and while Ishikawa is leading, Ikeda is right there adding some cool counters, there is an especially neat part where Ishikawa puts on a kneebar and Ikeda lands some nasty boots to the face to counter. Just when I was prepared to write about how this was a neat but less violent version of this match up, it kicks into Ikeda v. Ishikawa territory, with Ikeda unloading some bombs including a huge high knee, and a spin kick in the corner which looks like it might have split Ishikawa's eye. Then we get a classic dramatic finish with Ishikawa trying to survive while looking for the flash submission. I am never tired of watching these two go at it, and it is a real treat to see them so young and fresh faced, before they really started in that body destroying spiral.


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