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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Finlay Had Three Million Sides of Old Blind Horses Hides

Fit Finlay v. Meng WCW 1/10/98- EPIC

PAS: Goddamn does Fit Finlay syndie stuff hold up. This was basically a US WAR match, the equivalent of Takeshi Ishikawa v. Ashura Hara, just two lumpy badass dudes just killing each other with chops, kicks, punches and potato clotheslines. Finish was awesome with Finlay catching Meng in a Fujiwara armbar, Jimmy Hart jumps up to distract him. Finlay gets caught in the tongan death grip, and he just viciously headbutts Meng in the nose to break it, but he fails. All you want from a seven minute match between these two guys.


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