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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Complete and Accurate Fit Finlay

A guy who we have already sort of done with his awesome Indy tour back in the day. Pretty much a perfect Segunda Caida C+A guy he has lots of fun WCW Syndie matches, random hidden indy gems and some little seen international stuff. Normal EPIC, GREAT, FUN, SKIPPABLE


Fit Finlay v. Masaharu Funaki Reslo 3/14/89 -GREAT


Fit Finlay v. Tony St. Clair CWA 6/14/92-GREAT


Fit Finlay v. Lord Steven Regal WCW 4/29/96 -EPIC


Fit Finlay v. Lord Steven Regal WCW 12/20/97- GREAT


Fit Finlay v. Meng WCW 1/10/98- EPIC
Fit Finlay v. Bret Hart WCW 7/13/98- GREAT
Fit Finlay v. Chris Jericho WCW 10/17/98 -FUN


Finlay/William Regal v. Bobby Lashley/Batista WWE 8/11/06-GREAT


Finlay/Great Khali v. Rey Mysterio/Batista WWE 9/14/09-EPIC
Finlay v. Drew McIntyre WWE 11/7/09-EPIC


Fit Finlay v. Sami Callihan EVOLVE 7/26/11-EPIC
Fit Finaly v. Jon Ryan WXW 8/13/11 -FUN
Fit Finaly v. Big Van Walter WXW 8/14/11- GREAT
Finlay v. Dick Togo EWP 10/17/11 -GREAT
Fit Finlay/Dr. Kliever v. Ugly as Sin DOA 11/19/11 - GREAT
Fit Finlay v. Killer Nikkles TCW 12/13/11 -GREAT
Dave Finlay/Murat Bosporus/Big Boy v. Yoshiaki Fujiwara/TAJIRI/Hajime Ohara SMASH 12/30/11 -EPIC


Fit Finlay v. Mal Sanders LDN 2/23/12 - GREAT
Fit Finlay v. Martin Kirby SWE 2/23/12-GREAT
Finlay v. Slyk Wagner Brown v. Low-Ki v. Tomasio Ciampa MWF 3/24/12 -FUN
Fit Finlay v. Davey Richards 7/21/12 -GREAT
Finlay v. Rey Mendoza Jr. WNC 9/20/12 -EPIC



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