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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Ongoing Match of the Year List

26. Rey Hechicero v. Black Terry Chilanga Mask 11/23

PAS: Man I love the Hechicero indy tour, he is so versatile and this is the kind of grimey brawl he isn't going to have a chance to do in CMLL. We have some very wrenching and aggressive mat work to start the match before all hell breaks loose. There is some great around the ring brawling including Terry chucking a case of beer bottles at Hechicero's head and Hechicero responding by throwing chairs around and tossing Terry roughly into fans. We also got some of Terry's vicious headbutts which as long as FUTEN is MIA are the nastiest in wrestling. Kind of a goofus ending as Guerrero Maya Jr. runs in wearing a ski mask and attacks Terry before accidentally chairshotting Hechicero. After all of the violence that kind of banana peel finish is weak sauce. Still well worth throwing Black Terry Jr. a couple of bucks to check out

ER: This match kept dragging me in and by the end felt like a real war with both guys trying anything to put the other down…and then it was like Godard decided to end Breathless with a fart joke (and not even a good fart joke). Great match/bad finish is maybe the most consistently frustrating things in pro wrestling. Imagine how we would have felt if Black Terry Jr.'s battery had died around the 15 minute mark. It would be the same way we felt about all those JIP New Japan matches in the 90s. What treasures could possibly be contained in the first several minutes of these juniors classics!? Yeah, we later all found out that it was just guys lying around in legbars for those several minutes. It was better not to know. Well, here we know so we may as well just focus on the positive because the positives are REALLY great. The work here was awesome. Hechicero is the best wrestler in the world in 2014. I waffled between him and Ambrose but this recent handheld run has really showcased Hechicero's versatility. He can work main event style, he can brawl, he can go on the mat, he finds neat new ways to do his signature stuff, and he always brings unexpected things to matches. The match was fun before the crowd brawling. I loved Hechicero actually being the first person in wrestling history to make a freaking ROLLING CRADLE look awesome. Match was kind worth the money just for that alone, taking a simple hooked leg and cradled neck pinfall, then using his .7 Backlund strength to hold the pin, roll through and try again. It looked great. Then we roll to the floor and they do an amusing tour through the front row. It really felt like they were two close-up magicians and letting all the people in the front in on their trade, which involved punching and head butting each other. Things get amazing when Terry throws a freaking box of empty beer bottles at Hechicero's head, and Hechicero flings Terry into fans, using a couple guys as support to prop Terry up to nail him with shoulders to the gut. Hechicero also slings chairs with the accuracy of Necro Butcher, with an incredible visual of Terry falling between folding chairs while trying to shield himself from those flying at him. All in all, this match was awesome…right up until the moment that it wasn't. Just pretend that battery ran out.


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