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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Ongoing Match of the Year List

50. Rey Hechicero/Barbaro Cavernario v. Veneno/Negro Navarro Cara Lucha 11/29

PAS: The awesome Black Terry Jr. run of handhelds continues. As does the unexpected step up from a random dude, a couple weeks ago Ultimo Guerrero looked awesome in a Maestro match, and here Veneno of all people had some really great moments. This was worked more aggressively and quicker paced then most Navarro matches and he fit in really well. At one point he invents this nasty figure four variation which everyone should steal, Cavernario is awesome but he isn't a mat guy, but Navarro made him look golden. The Hechicero v. Veneno stuff was a real highlight too, Hechicero throws Veneno around really violently, and Veneno responds with some really sharp nasty shots, he even throws out the one dive of the match a nutty flip dive. My wife is probably going to get me some nice things for Christmas, might be getting a new leather duffel bag, maybe some slick Rag and Bone shirts, but the highlight of the holiday season is Black Terry Jr. recording Rey Hechicero v. Negro Navarro on Christmas day, they don't match up very much in this match, but when they do it is a total battle of the bulls, that singles match is going to be so awesome.

ER: Chelsea should realize that for just the fraction the cost of a Rag & Bone shirt she could easily make Phil happy by just shelling out for a bunch of Black Terry Jr. exclusives! Seriously, she could be saving some money there. And holy cow how great was Veneno in this! Talk about satisfactory luchadors who I've seen plenty of, and haven't thought about in years! Quick somebody track down and tell me what Mr. Mexico or Karloff Lagarde Jr. have been up to these days. I mean Veneno (!) was just awesome here. He had cool takedowns, nasty kicks to knees, cool short dropkicks to the legs, did this weird headscissors to Hechicero while Rey was deadlifting him, plowed through Cavernario with a wicked senton off the apron, did a weird elbow drop off the top, had some odd Tracy Smothers style kung fu chops…I mean shit Veneno looked like a star here. It made me genuinely want to catch up on what the hell Veneno has been up to the last few years. I mean everybody looked good in this and it's possible Veneno stood out because I'm used to seeing the other three look good, but talk about your fun surprises! Phil is right about Navarro bringing out the best in Cavernario's mat game, as watching the two go at it I was thinking "man this is the best I've seen Cavernario look on the mat!" Also props to Navarro's weird crossed arm submission on Hechicero, crossing Rey's arms across each other in a painful way making it look like he was breaking his wrist with his own other wrist. Great selling by Rey, too.

Ongoing Match of the Year List

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