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Thursday, December 18, 2014

IWA Mid-South Top 18 Matches, #15: Necro Butcher v. Toby Klein 8/1/03

#15 Necro Butcher v. Toby Klein 8/1/03

PAS: This was the first real breakout  Necro Butcher match, I remember totally freaking out the first time I saw this.  I think re-watching it a dozen years later it may stand out a little less, mainly because Necro had so many awesome matches with a similar structure. Klein was right there going toe to toe with him, but Necro took the craziest shots, including a VCR to the dome and a cinderblock. I am burned out a bit with light tubes but there was certainly some nutso shots with them. Before rewatch, I might have put this in the top 5 IWA-MS matches ever, it will be interesting where it stands after checking out others.

ER: Awesome fight, just a crazy sprint through beating another man down. This is only 7 minutes and clearly in the running for best under-10 minute matches ever. You don't get the pause for effect and wandering that you get in most weapons matches, these two just take off hitting and throwing shit at each other and expect you to keep up. Or, judging by how little regard they give to the (fairly close seated) fans, they don't care what sinks in with viewers. These two just go right at each other and never let up. Both guys are relentless. Both have nasty chops to start and then Necro breaks things open with a running headbutt. Before long Necro takes a toaster with no give to the dome (thought not as bad as later when he would take a heavy VCR), both guys get way cut up with glass (with glass exploding with inches of tons of fans). Tube shots did get kind of played out in death matches over the years, but here they're used more like transitions and stuff to do between nasty fighting. Usually they're built to as bigger spots, but here instead of wandering from spot to spot they stick glass into each other's backs instead. The visuals of sheets of blood running down each guy was pretty sick. Necro caves in Klein's head and ribs with punches after taking some nasty bat shots, Klein fires back with some nasty punches to Necro's spleen. And that is kind of the key to why this match is so great, there is more substance in the fighting and the "in between" stuff than in the actual weapons shots. These guys had a fight that happened to involve weapons, not a stunt show where they just voluntarily moved from prop spot to prop spot. The finish is one of the great indy finishes, with Necro locking on a rear naked choke, Klein grabbing for a light tube/barb wire bundle, but passing out before being able to swing it towards Necro's head. Awesome match.

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Anonymous Brett said...

I haven't seen too much IWA-MS, but watched this one the other day. It didn't overstay its welcome and left you wanting more, perfect length. Like you guys stated, this was a fight as opposed to death match spots, LOVED Necro's headbutts, and agree that the ending was cool. Really fun match. Haven't seen the Necro/Joe match for a long time, real excited for that one.

12:14 PM  

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