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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IWA Mid-South Top 18 Matches, #18: Heidi Lovelace v. Jordynne Grace 2/8/14

IWA-Mid South Segunda Caida's favorite scumbag indy is putting up their top 18 matches on youtube. I figure I would review them and see how my ranking fits with there rankings.

18. Heidi Lovelace v. Jordynne Grace 2/8/14

PAS: I enjoyed this really felt like something filmed on someones phone and uploaded on Baller Alert or Worldstar, especially when the wandered out and started brawling in the snow. Felt like a Moondog brawl if the Moondogs were strippers with needle marks between their toes. There was a crazed tope by Lovelace, Grace smashes a tool box into Lovelaces head, their is a spinebuster into the snow, smashing each other into trucks and it ends with both girls getting smushed by Kongo Kong. There have been a metric ton of great matches in IWA and I don't think this was top 20 or anything, but it was pretty fun in a very IWA kind of way.

ER: Man this was killer. After this and the six man I'm really loving Jordynne Grace. These girls really take some nasty falls and spills. The stuff in the snow was the worst just because the conditions making everything worse than it normally would have been. You get a single arm DDT in the show, a freaking uranage on a picnic table, I mean good lord. But Grace has real nice strikes, some of the best shoulderblocks of anybody male or female. All of her shoulders to Lovelace's stomach throughout the match had a sick thud to them, whether they were also slamming Lovelace into the apron or outside ramming her into some fat guy's 4 Runner. Grace's tope was so awesome, just full impact crushing Lovelace. And I just love both of their commitment to taking seemingly normal stuff on painful surfaces. Even something like a snapmare is more brutal when taken on a gymnasium floor and these two clearly went all in. Big fan.

PAS: We are also putting this at 27 on our 2014 MOTY list. IWA-MS lives!!!


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