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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pro Wrestling Revolution Workrate Report 12/13/14

This week we get the main event cage match from the 5/24/14 show in Turlock…

1. Brian Cage & Derek Sanders vs. Blue Demon Jr. & El Mariachi

…and it was not good. The match was about 90% Demon's team, and the cage was actually used as a "weapon" one time. So essentially it was a Texsa Tornado match that happened to take place in a cage. The promotion was clearly pushing this as an epic war, going to the "15 minutes have elapsed, 15 minutes" call approximately 8 minutes into the match (which came barely 2 minutes after the "10 minutes elapsed" call). So that either means 1) they were lying about the match time for…reasons? 2) they clipped the match to air on television (though I didn't see any parts where clipping was apparent), or 3) they clipped the actual match, yet left in the complete ring intros and singing of the national anthem. This match didn't start until the 11 minute mark of the 30 minute broadcast, meaning if they actually DID cut out some of the match it was so they could show full rings entrances, Mexican vs. American promos, Demon standing in the ring while the Mexican national anthem plays, etc. So obviously option 3 would be the most hilariously inept option. Yeah.

So the match itself goes about 12 minutes (or I'm sure 35 if announced by the promotion), and most of the match is Demon's team in control. During brief moments of La Migra gaining control, Demon can't be bothered much to sell or take bumps. He can't even do a back bump off a Cage clothesline, instead falling on his butt with his arm out, the same way you'd fall if you slipped while walking downhill. Midway through Brian Cage escapes, leaving the classic situation of two tecnicos ganging up on the rudo back in the cage. Demon eventually leaves the cage because Cage lures him out by taunting him. Which is kind of hilarious and really plays up the hubris of Demon. Here he and Mariachi have the 2 on 1 advantage over Sanders, but Cage saying he's too scared to come out and fight him followed by Demon actually coming out of the cage and running after Cage makes Demon out to be a laughably insecure twerp. Odd booking decision there. Back in the ring we eventually have heel turn swerve when Demon/Mariachi's second turns on Mariachi allowing Sanders to win. It was telegraphed from the beginning with La Migra having no second, yet some guy under a mask we've never seen before suddenly accompanying Demon. Just a mess of a match.

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