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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I Hope The King is Here to Stay

Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee v. Phil Hickerson/Dennis Condrey CWA 3/78-FUN

Rare opportunity to see the Wrecking Crew of Hickerson and Condrey who are a legendary tag team (Cornette called them the best team he has seen), who have very little footage on tape. You get a sense of what made them great here, but for the most part this was pretty disjointed. This was a title change, but for the most part it was worked like a time killer studio match, Dundee has a bunch of fun flourishes he adds to studio match, for example he gets the hot tag to Lawler by skittering the length of the ring on his back like a worm, but Lawler always feels a little rote in studio matches, he is a big arena worker at heart. Hickerson and Condrey spend most of the match playing hide the boomerang which is just too big of a foreign object to be plausibly hidden. Would have loved to see what these two teams would do in Mid-South Coliseum, but this was a tease more then anything.


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