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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NXT Take Over Live Blog

Going to give this another shot. I really liked the last show, although I haven't watched any NXT since, then. Looking forward to checking this out. Check back after every match.

Hideo Itami v. Tyler Breeze

Fun match. Itami's kicks look 80% good, 20% bad, it is clear he is still getting used to how stiff he is allowed to work. Liked all of Breeze's legwork, although Itami's selling was Japanese junior style spotty. Love how nuts the crowd goes every time he sets up the G2S they are going to go bananas when he finally hits it.

Baron Corbin v. Bull Dempsey

I like Corbin, he has really nice looking offense, and apparently will take some bumps. Really nice spinebuster and I am impressed he hit his finish on such a big dude. Dempsey was fine for a guy who looks like he should be working ICW ticket sellers matches with black Dynamite kid and Wayne the Convenience Store Guy.

Blake and Murphy v. Lucha Dragons

I didn't care for this. Blake and Murphy have some cool moves, but they scream goofus indy guys from 2002. This felt like a poor mans SAT's v. Quiet Storm/Chris Devine match, a bunch of spots, some good some awkward. I kind of like Kalisto and Sin Cara, but this brought out the worst in them.

Finn Balor v. Adrian Neville

Well this is very much not my thing, but for a PWGish match it did what they wanted it to do. I still think Balor's Jazz Singer make up is pretty dumb. These are a pair of guys with really good execution, but I am not sure there is anything behind that execution. I know I am going to be an outlier on this, but, I am going a thumbs down.

Sasha Banks v. Bailey v. Charlotte v. Becky Lynch

Parts of this were really bad, lots of ideas poorly executed. I did think they built nicely to the finish. Bailey's top rope belly to belly was a really nice nearfall, and all of the work around the crossface was pretty cool, Charlotte's flexibility made that look really nasty, and I liked the roll up when she couldn't get the submission. I like Sasha Banks, feels like the best of the Divas.

Kevin Owens v. Sami Zayn

Liked this a bunch, really well done first match of their series. Worked like a juniors version of Cena v. Brock, with Owens overwhelming Zayn and really kicking the shit out of him. When Owens was in the indies he had a tendency to shtick it up but he is better as an vicious guy who will do whatever it takes. Zayn did some relatively subtle selling, which isn't how I would describe El Generico. I thought the finish was pretty great, although naturally that kind of finish won't have the drama of the previous Zayn match. Really sets up a great second act

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