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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pro Wrestling Revolution Workrate Report 1/31/15

Another match from the 6/8/14 show in Watsonville.

1. Rey Bucanero vs. Vaquero Fantasma

Hey, you know who I've seen dog it a whole bunch in CMLL the last few years? Rey Bucanero. You know who inconceivably did not dog it in a singles match at a county fair in Watsonville, California? Rey Bucanero. Combine that with Fantasma having the best individual performance I've ever seen him have, and this match turned out to me a nice little Saturday morning viewing, and one of the better PWR matches I've seen.

It wasn't long enough to actually fill their half hour, but at this point I just expect them to squander their 30 paid minutes. Heck the match ended at the 21 minute mark of the show and was fleshed out with ample "Revolution Replays" to even get it to that 21 minutes. But at least this match was actually good, compared to other light singles matches that they padded out to fill the time. They do some fun mat stuff and armdrags to start, and right out the gate you can tell Bucanero actually showed up which frankly I was not expecting. He even takes the Halloween belly first sliding bump to the floor at one point. Fantasma has been a hard guy to pin down in this fed as the promotion has him vacillating between rudo and tecnico every show with no explanation ever given. He just kind of works whatever side is convenient, but he's never come off too exceptional at either role. Here he busts ass and really aims to take out the big gun outsider. He has typically been more of a mat/brawling kind of guy but here he breaks out a moonsault to the floor and then nails Bucanero with two consecutive dives. We eventually get into some shenanigans with ref Sparky Ballard, because of course we have to have ref involvement in this fed. So even with some nonsense it was still a plenty fine match, much better than I was expecting. Then I took my cat to the vet for his annual!!

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