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Monday, February 09, 2015

Poor Twisted Regal oh Hug Me Hug Me, One November Spawned a Monster

Steve Regal v. Barry Windham WCW 4/17/93 -EPIC

Man what a hard nosed nasty little battle this was. This was babyface Regal before they brought in Dundee and starting doing the Lord Steven gimmick, and Windham was the NWA champ. This was after Bill Watts was fired, but it had a very Watts feel to it, starting with gritty mat wrestling and then moving into big bomb throwing. Windham works over Regals arms, with some simple but really nasty looking holds. Regal is a great fired up babyface here, there is a moment where they are exchanging and he motions Windham to bring it on, and Barry just wipes him out with a flying right hand. Finish is pretty awesome, Regal gets a bunch of roll ups and it really looks like he might pull a huge upset, when they do the same bodypress to the floor spot Regal used with Taylor, this time Regal catches his knee in the rope in a great Chris Hamrickish accident on purpose spot, Regal fights his way back into the ring, but he is too damaged and gets smashed with a jumping DDT. This was Windhams last great run as a worker, and it is fun to see him as a bruiser, it is also great to check Regal out as a US babyface, really would have been interested to see him get a longer babyface run in WCW, as he was just awesome at it.

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