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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Complete and Accurate LA Park

With his recent invasion of CMLL and build to what should be a world destroyingly awesome apuestas match with Rush, it feels like there is a chance that the legendary LA Park might be dropping his mask and winding down his incredible career. He is a guy who has been kicking out classics for 25 years plus, and we are still discovering unseen bangers.


La Parka/Psychosis/Villano IV vs. Juventud Guerrera/Silver King/Hector Garza WCW 6/30/97 - GREAT
La Parka/Psicosis vs. The Headhunters Tijuana 11/14/97 - FUN


La Parka/Halloween/Rey Mysterio Sr. vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Damien 666/Vampiro Tijuana 10/26/01- EPIC
La Parka vs. El Hijo del Santo Tijuana 11/16/01 - GREAT
La Parka vs. El Hijo Del Santo Monterey 12/23/01 - EPIC


LA Park/Super Parka/ Hijo de LA Park vs. Rush/Pierroth/Toscano Liga Elite 4/27/16 - GREAT
LA Park vs. Rush Tijuana 6/3/16 - EPIC
LA Park vs. Rush Liga Elite 7/14/16 - EPIC
LA Park v. Caristico Lucha Elite 10/21/16 - FUN


LA Park/Damien 666/Psicosis vs. Garza Jr./Bestia 666/Mecha Wolf 450 The Crash 4/5/18 - FUN

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