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Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Fenix & Park Tear Up Tijuana!

6. LA Park vs. Fenix The Crash 4/14

PAS: Big time main event LA Park singles matches are such a rare treat, and Fenix is a great opponent for a monster brawler (Park is basically the platinum version of Mil Muertes). Starts out with Park wrecking Fenix, javelining him into the crowd headfirst into chairs, throwing about fifty chairs on to him (and encouraging the fans to hurl chairs at him too, Tijuana is a different place), he even brains him with a giant drink cart. Fenix fires back with one of the best spin kicks I can remember seeing, and sends Park into the crowd with a tope con hilo. He then hurls Park four rows deep into the crowd where he obliterates a lady who didn't move fast enough. It goes from there, Park is totally awesome in this match, brawling, flying and bumping like someone who isn't super fat and super old, he is a true marvel. I really hated Fenix eating a tombstone and immediately putting on a submission (we got to get him out of PWG) but otherwise this was total blast, so glad we got a good copy of this.

ER: I loved this. Park is working 10 minutes from my house in July, and I certainly have not had great luck seeing Negro Casas live, hopefully it's different with Park. Because if he works even half as hard in Santa Rosa as he did in this match, I'll leave grinning from ear to ear. Fenix has gotten better and better since LU started, clearly going in opposite direction as his brother, and always busts butt. But he's also not a 54 year old fat skeleton, so busting butt is all relative. Park is such a jerk lawndarting Fenix into the 4th row through chairs, powerbombing him on the freaking floor, then violently throwing chairs on him while encouraging others to the same. It was one of the worst beatings to start a match that I've seen, and then we get the great moment of through the crowd Park brawls where he finds the nearest beer cooler and banks it off his opponents' head. But Fenix has really nice offense, the kind of flippy offense that others do way worse; his handspring cutter actually works (and Park finds a couple amusing ways to stumble around waiting for it), hits a great dive (that Park bumps into the crowd), and then pays his earlier bump forward by chucking Park into the 4th row. I have no clue how Park is able to move the way he does (he also hits a great fat guy dive into the aisle), just bumping like a old fat lunatic and taking all of Fenix's offense really great, as good as young flipper opponents Fenix typically works. There were a bunch of neat tricks throughout that really added to things, like Park booting the ref into the ropes to knock Fenix off the top, just a really hot 20+ minute fight. The finish submission is huge, with Park locking up all of Fenix's limbs and holding him in a squat. I couldn't imagine holding the weight of another wrestler, while squatting, after working 20 minutes. Park really is a marvel, no clue how he can keep going like this. He's really special.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that martinete no-selling !
I recommend you Ricky Marvin contra Kawato, de Lucha Memes.

6:08 AM  
Blogger EricR said...

Yeah has the death blow reaction to martinetes changed drastically in the last couple years? Rush and Cavenario and others blow people up all the time with piledrivers in full site of the ref. It felt sudden.

10:01 PM  

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