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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Real Slow and Before You Know Super Dragon had a Shotgun Pointed in the Window

Super Dragon vs. Vic Grimes APW-LA 10/18/03 - GREAT

PAS: Vic Grimes was an APW trainee who had one match in WWF as Droz's drug dealer Kilo, was an ECW Baldie and went to XPW where New Jack tried to murder him in a ring. Perfect guy to have a nutso potato fest with Super Dragon. Grimes is a total bump freak, he places Dragon's head in a chair and then misses a legdrop off the apron landing tailbone first, Dragon isn't afraid to hit him as hard as he can. Dragon takes some big bumps too, including getting crucifix tossed into a concrete support pole. Both Grimes and Dragon hit really hard which kept this from just being a stunt show. Dragon hits a crazy senton from the top rope to the floor through a table, and then keeps double stomping Grimes in his ribs like he was trying to squeeze cake frosting out of a tube. Lame finish kept this from being an EPIC, Grimes hits a bunch of big moves and keeps pulling Dragon up at two (including an awesome fat guy top rope elbow) we have a run in from Adam Pearce (maybe, the video isn't pristine and there is no commentary), then Disco Machine and Excalibur run in and they fight with Grimes until Dragon rolls him up. The amount of punishment both guys took was pretty intense, the booker really let them down by booking such a dog's breakfast of an ending.


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