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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Accentuate the Positive

I did one of these posts in 2010 talking about some stuff I was excited about (Danielson vs. Sawa in EVOLVE) in an otherwise cloudy wrestling landscape. I am not sure if wrestling is better 8 years later (My personal life is a lot better, the state of our country is arguably worse), the overall worldwide house style has become more homogenized towards a style I don't care about, but in that, there are still pockets of fun stuff to look forward too. I am in a good mood today (had an awesome time with the Baby Zach at the Zoo) and want to talk up some stuff I am excited for.

-Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. at Verano De Escalando. I am not a big fan of AAA main events, but Rey Jr. working a singles main event against an all time legend like Doc Wagner is super intriguing. I can't imagine these two having crossed paths many times before (if ever), and I imagine Rey will really want to show out.

-The possibility that Josh Barnett wasn't just BSing. Barnett tweeted about bringing back the UWF a couple of days ago, and tagged guys like Riddle, Thatcher and Cobb. I know Barnett is a big time shoot style wrestling fan, and the thought that he could set something like that up is super intriguing.

-Cain Justice and 2 Cold Scorpio at the Scenic City Invitational. There are going to be a bunch of really good indy wrestlers at this tourney and I am excited to see what 2 Cold still has in the tank and what Cain, who is my favorite young wrestler in years, can do with guys he isn't as familiar with, should be a chance to see one of my old favorites and one of my new favorites.



Blogger Matt D said...

I’m looking forward to the Virus vs Charles Lucero match from Lucha Memes later this month.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

No word on whether Josh Barnett was serious, Scenic City Invitational is still to come, but man did AAA poop over my excitement about that main event. Turning a singles match into a overbooked 3-way with Jeff Jarrett is about the worst possible timeline

3:16 PM  

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