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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Shaolin Warrior Wrestling Worth Watching

CIMA/Gao Jinjai vs. T-Hawk/Scorpio X2 Dragon Gate 5/4/18

CIMA went over to China to train Shaolin Martial Artists how to wrestle, he brought a couple of his trainees to a Dragon Gate show, and it was really fun to watch rookies break out some truly nutso moves. Gao Jinjai especially was bonkers, he used CIMA's back to springboard into a 450, he hit a 720 splash, and especially impressive he did a spot where he leaped from the floor to the ring apron and in one motion leaped over the top rope into a double stomp, it was one of the most impressive athletic spots I can ever remember seeing, truly breathtaking.  Scorpio X2 is clearly a crazy athlete too, and he hit a perfect Space Flying Tiger Drop. I actually think this would have made a list with a more impressive rudo performance, but the T-Hawk and CIMA sections were pretty mailed in. I still don't care about regular DG, but I am all in to check out more crazy Shaolin Monks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you'd like to see the first-eevr show from OWE, the promotion Gao Jingjia and Liu "Scorpio X2" Xinxi are from, here's the links. First is an unedited version of the show that is for some reason missing the main event-
Second link is a heavily (and inexplicably, in places) edited version of the show that actually has the main event (about an hour and 8 minutes in)-
It's fun stuff, but super weird.

10:26 AM  

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