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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

It's a Matter of Fact All of Kandori's Change Goes to Hell

Shinobu Kandori vs. Yumiko Hotta AJW 2/28/01 - GREAT

PAS: This is one of my favorite match ups in wrestling history and this was a nifty variation of that match up. This is a Vale Tudo rules match, and both women are wearing old school MMA gloves. It is a pretty straight worked shoot, and both ladies added some nifty variations to that match style. Match was mostly grappling which was a surprise considering how often both ladies work matches around sick shots. Kandori is great at working out of a guard, always has a ton of interesting attacks and counters. Finish run was dope with Kandori taking Hotta down with a guillotine choke, Hotta fights it and eventually breaks out and lands a gross headbut. Kandori is able to maneuver for an armbar, but before she can get it Hotta great an ankle for the tap. Just high level grappling with a little taste of horrid violence. Love it.


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