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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Lucha Worth Watching: Tecnico Kraneo?

Kraneo/Diamante Azul/Atlantis vs. Rush/Terrible/La Bestia Del Ring  CMLL 4/13/18

ER: Well, my big boy is a tecnico now, and I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. It's so appealing to have an agile monster fat guy in lucha, on the rudo side. We've dealt with big goony tecnicos like Giant Silva, and we've gotten big hunky tecnicos like Marco, but a big giant fat rudo is something that hasn't been around lucha in awhile. As a tecnico it looks like he'll be doing more offense, which isn't a bad thing, Kraneo has big offense. Here he goes on a tear of hard hitting belly bumps, a big standing splash, big legdrop while lifting Mije into one as well, and a crazy Diamante-assisted top rope splash. But there were also some uncomfortably clumsy moments that have been typically absent from Kraneo matches the last several years. He slips off the ropes while Rush is slumped in the corner, before doing his hip attack, and the finish is set up because he physically can't climb to the middle rope to do...something. He keeps slipping on the middle rope, sort of makes it to the top rope but can't come close to standing up, so instead kind of flops onto the rope like a wet towel tossed over  your shower door. Rush has been lying on the mat for some time now, and Bestia/Terrible just casually walk over at this point and just get him the hell down from there. It was awkward as hell, but it's the only time I've seen this happen to him. Could it have been intentional? Was he purposely showing what his weakness as a tecnico would be? Unable to do larger moves required of modern lucha tecnicos which leads to rudos catching him off guard? Maybe. On first glance, I'm not liking big offense tecnico Kraneo as compared to big bumping violent offense rudo Kraneo. We'll see. Everybody else in this was kind of background to the new tecnico, but still had moments: Bestia eats a couple big monkey flips from Azul, Rush bullies around Atlantis and uses Tirantes to help him remove his pants, Terrible accidentally smacks Commandante off the apron, but this was the Kraneo show. We'll see where the second episode of that show takes us.

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