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Friday, May 04, 2018

Blowbama Togo They Call Him Living Legend

Dick Togo/Sho Funaki/TAKA Michinoku vs. Gran Naniwa/Gran Hamada/Jushin Liger MPRO 8/18/96 - EPIC

PAS: This match was the speedball that killed John Belushi, just a non-stop lighting bolt. Liger fits right into the MPRO house style and is awesome interacting with all of KDX. He was especially fun against Togo coming off their singles match a couple months earlier, it is a shame those two didn't have a long series of matches against each other. The level of speed and precision on the KDX triple teams is really breathtaking, they just whip that stuff off so fast, it is like watching the Spurs team that won the 2014 finals. We got a great dive train too, TAKA's spaceman quebrada is still one of the great dives in wrestling history. I also loved the big run of Naniwa offense to finish the match off, I remember us thinking Naniwa would ended being a huge start around this time, he was a guy who's career really ended too soon.


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