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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Complete and Accurate Ludvig Borga

The Complete & Accurate people were clamoring for! Up until a month ago, Tony Halme/Ludvig Borga had not made much of an impression on my life. He was a strongly pushed heel in the WWF during 6 months of an era of diminishing attendance, only made it onto one lesser seen Coliseum video, had his only action figure released during a transition between toy companies (making it impossible to find), and was fired for getting injured and being "unpleasant". Jim Ross eulogized him as "not a great guy to be around", which is an unfortunate thing to have on one's tombstone. So he is not someone who has been written about on the digital pages of the internet, yet was a guy who went to a lot of places and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He's probably one of only a handful of guys to get pushed in WWF and New Japan, fight in UFC and RINGS, appear in a Die Hard movie, and become a member of Finnish Parliament (but not, sadly, a member of Finnish Funkadelic). If he had appeared in an Aki Kaurismaki movie he'd be in the running for My Favorite Human. This feels like a man whose career should be written about.  

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