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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Low-Ki is from the West Bubblefuck so Fasten Your Seatbelts and Buckle Up

Low-Ki vs. JT Dunn WHAT Wrestling 3/11/18 - FUN

PAS: Late 2010s Low-Ki is 100% worth watching, he wrestles so rarely and is always going to bring something cool and memorable. This match definitely had those moments, early in the match Ki backed Dunn into the corner and unloaded these awesome body shot combos. They also had a cool stage fight with Ki using a broken pool cue to block and counter Dunn's kendo stick shots (I am all for Low-Ki entertaining himself by putting Jackie Chan fights in his wrestling matches). Unfortunately Dunn was pretty awful in this, real Adam Cole is pretty unwatchable, third generation Kinko's copy Adam Cole is about as bad as it gets. His offense was corny, his crowd taunting was stinko and he provided nothing as the opposite side of the a Ki match. Ki might only wrestle 10 times this year, shame that one of them got wasted.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always get excited when I see Dunn in results and then dissapointed when Dunn is not Ring Crew Xpress Dunn

2:29 AM  

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