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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Low-Ki Used to Watch Dynasty Just to See Heather

Low-Ki vs. Austin Aries Wrestling Superstar 5/6 - FUN

PAS: This was from a show in Lima Peru, and it was fun to watch these two guys work a house show match. This is what I imagine a touring match between the two would have been if I had seen them work a WCW show in 1997 in Fairfax VA. There are a lot of shticky spots to get the crowd involved, including a collar and elbow tie up, which they roll out of the ring, walk around the arena and roll back into the ring without breaking. There are a bunch of teases of big spots, including Ki trying a Ki Krusher on the apron. but it is all teases. Both guys are such kinetic athletes, so it is fun to watch them do simple things. Finish is kind of lame with a ref bump and a run in by what I am assuming is a local Peruvian heel faction.

ER: Love Low-Ki will skip town on WM weekend bookings, but he's going to show up at some club gig in Peru. This is some weird Egyptian theme (or possibly Stargate themed...) club that doesn't feel like a wrestling club, feels more like an all purpose club that will have industrial bands, metal bands, occasional wrestling, and bare chest calendar contests. For being two of the biggest indy wrestling names of the last 15 years, these two really haven't crossed paths much: A couple of ROH matches (one I remember really enjoying at the time) and a couple fun but short TNA matches. Phil is right that this is a house show touring match for them, but these two are good with teases and good with simple spots, never mechanical. I liked them fighting through the club with a collar and elbow, falling onto chairs and moving people off a couch, and Ki is always interesting working simple knucklelock stuff. It's not simple with him, it always looks like it could go somewhere cool. Ki threw some really great downward strike elbows and took a great snap neckbreaker over the middle ropes, and I loved the way these two moved around each other. It's probably worth it to go seek out their few matches together, as this was a cool glimpse.


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