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Monday, January 09, 2017

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Park v. Rush in TJ

22. LA Park v. Rush Tijuana 6/3

PAS: Match was a little clipped up, but what we had was a bloody violent treat. LA Park hurls steel chairs recklessly, and Rush throws some nasty hands. Park was totally awesome in this, he would throw little heabutts and punches every time he goes for a cover, he also totally wipes out Rush with a killer fat dude tope. They also do some nasty spots with a huge plastic beer cooler, including a gross powerbomb right on the edge. Really wish I had this without clips and a better finish but this was boss.

ER: This was the first singles match between these two, all due to Cibernetico not showing up. Seriously, this would have been a three way with terrible ass Cibernetico. That's some extra item falling in the vending machine luck right there. And while this is clipped I'm still so happy that it exists this complete, and really we've seen enough of both men to know we probably didn't miss tons. We can fill in the blanks and don't need to see the walking and set up. What's nuts is just how much STUFF there is, even though the match is just 9 minutes of clips. These two do more "stuff" in this match than any of their others, really breaking out some big spots and bigger bumps. The crowd brawling is super stiff with Rush really kicking his ass, and with this kind of fancam-ish footage you can really see how hard his punches and kicks land. He rips at Park's mask, busts him open, smacks him into the post, great stuff. But once Park takes over it's just nuts. It blows my mind every time to see how much Park "gets up" for these matches, at his age and size. This wasn't a match that was gonna air in full on any TV, and he does more here than in any of his TV matches, which is just crazy.  You know 1998 Charles Barkley wasn't lighting it up in scrimmage games. But a headline gig is a headline gig, and Park shows up. All his stuff looks so good here, not just his spectacular stuff but his high kicks were all impressive. He splats Rush with a vicious powerbomb on the edge of the now famous beer cart, and then tops the bump by taking a wild backdrop into it. His dive was super fast and hit flush, and he also takes a crazy Cassandro bump around the ringpost. All his moves hit with purpose, and he keeps a super impressive pace throughout. Park even did a version of the slingblade that actually looked like it took Rush's head off. Park just made the slingblade look like an actual finisher! Ending is full of expected shenanigans. Ref Edgar "El Guero" takes a great chairshot, top rope elbow from Rush, and post match takes a great bump from the ring to the rampway off a dickhead Rush dropkick. Both men bash the other in the balls like we knew they would, and this match was just the best.


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