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Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Ongoing MOTY List: Rush and LA PARK rip up Arena Mexico

2. Rush v. LA Park Liga Elite 7/14

PAS: I am not sure exactly what the fuck Liga Elite is, but god bless whatever they are for this bit of glorious spectacle. CMLL doesn't do this stuff anymore, and I am not sure what the ramifications are going to be, but this was Rush and LA PARK having an old fashioned blood soaked lucha brawl. This would have been right at home with Sangre Chicana or Perro Aguayo and I am so happy to see the floors of the birthplace of lucha libre covered in pools of blood again. They rip into each other on the ring apron and it keeps going like that for the whole match, parts of it have the frantic intensity of Necro v. Joe.  Rush goes and grabs a metal footlocker and they hurl it at each others heads. At one point the ref just bails the fuck out of there, the crowd starts tossing trash and Park and Rush keep killing each other. This may have killed the promotion, maybe both guys get suspended, I dunno, but I loved every sweet second.

ER: I love these two. And really you knew this was going to be great from literally the first second, as you just see Park standing on the entrance ramp with his arms out going "Come at my bruh" and Rush in the process of coming at him. These two beat the hell out of each other, fly into fans, bleed, take nasty weapon shots, and really bring a level of chaos that you just don't get in pro wrestling anymore. These two don't hold back and it's pure joy and hate. The crowd is wild, throwing trash and money, Rush throws a step or a storage locker at Park's head, literally as dangerously as you can throw a step or storage locker at another man's head. Rush gets an unyielding non-folding chair and blasts Park with it, who then slumps down into the chair. But as Rush wanders away yelling at fans, Park stands up with that chair and throws that hardass chair at Rush's head, also as hard as you could possibly throw a chair at another man's head. The chair flies off into the crowd, rigid and uncaring. Rush hair taunts are some of my favorite things in wrestling and here we get plenty, notably when he's mocking the crowd and Park by holding up strands of his own hair while screaming with rage filled eyes, knowing how his hair is the most valuable trophy in the last decade of lucha. The person who - someday - wins Rush's hair needs to preserve it as best as possible, fashion it into a wig, and either wear that wig himself, or commission a bust of Rush and display that bust-with-wig in his living room. Park hits a dive, Rush hits a flip dive, both men take it upon themselves to just assume they are counted out or DQ'd or just wink at the camera and walk off set like Jerry Lewis at the end of The Patsy. Rush fist bumps people, Park shows he's a true working class hero by wandering around picking up paper money, then grabs an empty beer cup so he can start collecting coin money. I love these two.


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