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Sunday, June 10, 2018

LA Park will Draw a Pension if Your Daddy's Dead

La Parka/Psicosis vs. The Headhunters Tijuana 11/14/97 - FUN

PAS: This was really a three part match. The opening section has The Headhunters in full double Abby mode, just squashing Parka and Psicosis, stabbing them with pencils, ripping up Parka's mask making him bleed. That part lasted over 10 minutes which is really long for a one sided beating, there is only so much pencil stabbing one can watch and be entertained. The Parka and Psicosis comeback was really exciting with Parka hitting a spin kick, and four of his awesome enzigiris on one Headhunter and Psicosis hitting a Cactus clothesline on the other, totally insane pop from the crowd.  Psicosis hits his awesome flipping leg drop with a chair underneath for the pin. Third fall is mostly an exciting brawl, until the Konan booking kicks in. Psicosis turns on Parka and he and Juvi and Damien attack him, until Konan comes out and pretends to attack Parka before saving him and blah blah blah. Some of this Tijuana booking is such masturbatory nonsense. If this match had an editor it could be an all timer, still had some great moments though.


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