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Thursday, June 28, 2018

It Was All Night Pouring Rain, Pouring Rain, But Not a Drop on LA PARK

LA Park v. Caristico Lucha Elite 10/21/16 - FUN

ER: Weird match with some odd pacing, squirrelly logic shifts and a couple awkward transitions, but damn was the spectacular stuff spectacular. Most of the match is Park just beating the ever loving hell out of Caristico, blasting him with chairshots, hitting a boss overhead belly to belly suplex while also holding a chair to his back, hitting a sick powerbomb into a few set up chairs, and hilariously spearing Caristico threw a bunch of chairs that he had spent all his free time setting up. The spear was so epic. Caristico even seemed like he had a special plan to trick Park into going into the chairs, and Park just steamrolls him into that pit of metal. A guy that was as big a draw as Caristico shouldn't feel the need to take this kind of damage. Park continues beating him with a chair, then whips him with his belt. Eventually Rey Escorpion runs in to attack Park, and Carisitico has apparently been trapped in a cage with his attacker for so long that's he's developed Stockholm Syndrome, and begins attacking Escorpion. Confusion ensues. Park somehow beats Caristico to his feet after Caristico hits a crossbody off the top of the cage, not everything makes sense. Caristico even takes an absurdly dangerous pacakge piledriver from Rey that plants him right on his head, surely shrinking a couple of those pesky vertebrae of his. But Park was a total boss in this match, really knows how to control a ring, and Caristico was just a lunatic with the damage he took. Flawed and epic at the same time.

PAS: This was a mess, but an undeniably compelling mess. Lots of great individual moments broken up by long replays and then another big moment, add that to a really dumb finish it would be hard to call this a great match. Still there are some really memorable awesome spots. I loved Park doing his old Rey Jr. exchange, pinching Caristico on the cheek like a baby and eating a rana. The spear into the chairs was true lunacy, and it is nuts that Caristico turned down a lifetime of easy WWE money to take those kind of bumps and bleed like that. I also dug the big cage dive, although it was goofus that Park got up first. This might have been the best lucha cage match I have ever seen, and it was still only OK.


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