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Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Tijuana Undercard Insanity

26. Black Danger/Ultimo Maldito/Mirage vs. Arkangel Divino/Black Destiny/Genio Del Aire AAA 4/20

PAS: Six indie luchadores who have been hanging around the Crash undercards get a shot on AAA and just say fuck it. 8 minutes of mashing down the gas pedal and throwing it all out there. I clearly need to trowel youtube for more Arkangel Divino, as he was throwing out some of the prettiest armdrags I can remember seeing, and his la mistica to end the match looked like it was in 3X speed (although a lot of that was Maldito basing like 70s Richard Pryor.) The doomsday tope by Black Destiny with Black Danger on Divino's shoulders (pretty sure about these names, but it is tough with a HH with no entrances and six guys I haven't seen before ((of course someone is going to point out that I have reviewed 8 Ultimo Maldito matches or something))) was completely nutso and a spot I have no idea how the pull off without killing everyone involved. Fun stuff, and totally a match US indy promotions should be importing wholesale.

ER: How about going into a trios where I'm pretty sure I don't know anybody at all! I recognized none of the names, and in that situation you hope one of them has a cat gimmick or something, and you work from there. "This guy has cat ears on his mask, he appears to be teaming with at least that one guy who is" Without remembering his name I have seen Arkangel Divino before, at least once. I remember the guy in the hood snapping off physics breaking ranas and armdrags (though to be fair, I believe I've also seen Freelance and his kid wearing similar hooded garb, which makes nothing easy). But I'm probably (?) not the only one who just thought this was what lucha was, before I had seen any actual "in Mexico" lucha. I assumed lucha would be an even more hyperactive speed fueled version of the WCW Souled Out '98 8 man. It's pointless to call or even describe action here; I don't know the guys and the moves had so many twists and turns that it would take me a couple sentences to describe something that happened over the space of two seconds. Divino is Freelance on bleach-cut truckers speed, and Black Danger? Maldito? is base as all hell. We get wild springboards, a completely stupid (but charming in a mid 90s M-Pro comedy spot) flipping piledriver marathon, someone (Genio??) gets their head drilled into the mat by a snap crucifix, the Doomsday Device spear was just...I mean that's probably the spot of the year. Phil is right, all of them attempting that should be at minimum very injured. A guy getting speared while on someone else's shoulders, while the guy doing the spear is setting himself up for a 7 or 8 foot drop to the floor!? What!? Divino's La Mistica to finish rotates approximately 20 times. It's all so good, just a total fireworks extravaganza.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Something I never would've noticed otherwise and I think its the best spotfest I have ever seen.

1:12 AM  

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