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Monday, October 08, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: PARK vs. Pentagon

77. LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr. MLW 9/6 (Aired 10/5/18)

PAS: While this wasn't at level of your top tier Park brawls, this was still a pretty great spectacle. We had some big shots with chairs and belts and a couple of big garbage bumps. Pentagon puts Park through a table with a really fast tope con hilo, and Park spears Pentagon while Penta was standing on the table. They saved the blood on this show for Wargames and Ki vs. Fenix, and this match could have used some gore. The fireball at the end needed to be bigger, if you are going to throw fire, throw that shit. I have a feeling these two have a really insane epic against each other, probably in Tijuana or AAA, this wasn't it, but it was a fun brawl and I am excited to see Park's old man tour of the indies.

ER: Damn in the tale of the tape they bill Park at 273 lb.! Of course they also bill Pentagon as 5'11" so who know how accurate these are. But how many luchadors in history were over 273? I assume Kraneo is the only notable one presently larger than that (and if there's a bigger one out there then someone slide into these DMs immediately). I thought this was a pretty awesome Park broomstick performance, although this broomstick is really popular with fans. He's a known broomstick, like when you use one of the high end Rubbermaids and you can feel and see the difference in your sweeping, but it's still just a broom. Park lays it in though and knows how to have a match this good anywhere, though this has a couple bigger fun elements that a standard house show brawl might not. Park brawls around and throws his body at Pentagon, big clotheslines, his great rotating powerslam, spinning heel kick, a spear, fat skeleton senton, big dive, rips at his mask one minute into the match (with Schiavone acting like he's never seen a luchador rip a mask before), splats Pentagon with a nasty chairshot on the floor, introduces a broom to a Swiffer handle, takes his belt off and whips Pentagon right in the face and chest, Park even chokes Pentagon with a huge chain (who is leaving that huge chain lying around!?); along with his big overhand chops, it's all you want. You know you're getting big match Park when his body suit starts to pull up over his tights, once you get that little peak at Park wearing a Single Ladies body suit, you know he's been working. Pentagon is also here, and he does his usual thing, quits halfway on slingblades, does bad Chi Chi Rodriguez dancing, says his catchphrase a lot, and you realize that Park fills in the blanks of matches with big strikes, while Pentagon fills in his matches with sign language. My favorite thing he did all match was right at the beginning, just trying to throw a trash can as hard as he could at Park's head. Park mostly dodged it, but I liked the energy at the beginning. Pentagon hits an awesome tope con giro putting Park through a table Park had set up at ringside (and they somehow didn't manage to film a clear shot of it), and later eats a huge spear through a table in the ring. The huge spear spot looked fantastic and really should have ended the match, but we get Pentagon attacking the ref, a low blow, apparently a fireball, you know. Still, big match Park is big match Park and it's going to be something you want to watch.


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Blogger Curt McGirt said...

Porky? Solomon Grundy?

11:10 PM  
Blogger EricR said...

I'm sure Porky got there at some point, but he's also about a foot shorter than Park, so Porky looked fatter but spread that size out over a's probably close but I'd still bet Park is heavier. Grundy is technically true, yes, though in my head I was thinking of actual Mexican workers. Gronda probably wasn't far off.

11:36 PM  

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