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Monday, July 09, 2018

2018 Ongoing MOTY List: Park and Rush Unleashed

3. LA Park vs. Rush CMLL 6/22

PAS: This was about as grimy as it is going to get in the cathedral in 2018. Nobody even goes into the ring for the first 10 minutes or so, with Rush getting powerslammed into the chairs and Park taking a rude awkward bump right on his calves into the seats. It honestly looked like he may have hurt himself, but the undead don't die and a minute later Park is wasting Rush with a huge tope. Bestia comes down and decks the ref with a chain for the DQ on the first fall.

Second fall had some really fun stiff beatdown stuff from Rush with some really rude kicks and stomps, we get another ref bump (ref was getting pounded in this match) and a martinete on Park.  Bestia comes back with a framed poster, Rush is about to smash the poster when he gets waylayed with huge Park spear, which felt like the out of nowhere car crash in Children of Men. Park then smashes the poster on Rush's head opening up some cuts on his back, Park then just lays in this huge beatdown, with some sharp punches which were clearly trying to bust Rush open hardway (Park was clearly pissed we only got back blood) and finally just starts smashing Rush's head into the mat like he was an ape trying to open a coconut. He starts whipping Rush with a cord, punching officials, smashing him with a stretcher. Eventually one of the officials has to fireman's carry Rush out of ringside, while Park is basking in his glory, hurling beers at fans and talking mad shit, we get an apuesta's challenge and consider me AMPED!!!

ER: This felt like a giant surreal jump in the feud, to see Rush and Park doing their Rush and Park thing in Arena Mexico for CMLL. The whole match was wild, with both taking nasty spills into chairs (Park gets backdropped legs first into them and Rush gets thrown hard onto them), Park getting buried in chairs, an old man actually thinking Rush was going to throw a plastic popcorn bin right at his head, Rush successfully hitting Park with this bin (which looked like a hard plastic yellow milk container) but Park absolutely bouncing that container off Rush's head, Rush gets a large umbrella broken over his back, big brawling, ref's getting pulled in the way of offense, Park hitting a big dive, Rush eating all of Park's heavy shots, Bestia punching a ref in the face, just all of the exact things I was excited about when their CMLL feud started. And it's all in the first fall. Park is unleashed in the segunda and breaks a picture over Rush's head, starts staring down security and a doctor, attacking the commissioner, attacking Rush with a stretcher, things devolving to Edgar just counting both guys out to end it and get the hell out of there. The only reason other matches in their feud might seem more grimy is because this is merely a cleaner venue. This was a fight and a spectacle no matter where it happened. Their CMLL feud has taken some odd turns so far, and while I thought it was a mistake to put them opposite each other in matches every single week, they easily show that if they're given the right platform (i.e. let us show how much we hate each other) then they will put on a freaking show.


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