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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 16: Graver Consequences

ER: "Running an underground fight club? It's exhausting." "Have you ever run a city?" I didn't realize Lamas would be back and damn am I glad he got to be in a low talking contest with Dario. I got silly excited for all the hints of the mayor.

1. Mr. Cisco vs. Cortez Castro vs. Joey Ryan

ER: I was surprised that this match is for the final medallion. I hadn't realized they were through all the medallion matches already. They should have had a couple onscreen graphics or something. And as I type that the match just ends with a Joey Ryan roll up. Well that's lame. I hope Dario finds out about he and Castro and feeds their faces to Matanza.

PAS: Yeah the undercover cop stuff is so stupid, and has some of the lamer workers in the fed. Mr. Cisco deserves better.

2. Ivelisse, Son of Havoc  & Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr., & Rey Mysterio

ER: Was hoping for more out of this one, but it wasn't bad. I oddly wanted to see Rey matched up with Ivelisse, but he was kinda stuck with Havoc the whole match. A lot of Havoc's offense looked pretty light and bad, but he was really good about getting into position for the 619 in some different ways. There was also a cool moment where Rey hops onto Havoc's shoulders on a knucklelock and Havoc tries to shake him off by dropping to his knees. Azteca looked really good and he does some cool little "extra" strikes that I like. It's not enough for someone to run into his boot in the corner, they run into the right boot and he quickly kicks them with the left. Azteca moves real quick and his quickness stands out in a match with Rey Mysterio, so that's pretty impressive. When Puma gets the pinfall Striker weirdly says "A new star is born!!" in one of those lousy "WrestleMania moment!" soundbites, as if Puma wasn't a top 2 guy in the fed the entire first season. Man Striker is annoying.

PAS: This was fine, but for spotty juniors carried by Rey, Havoc is no Super Calo. I do like the Superfriend trios team. I miss Angelico and that is something I can't believe I am saying.

3. Graver Consequences: Mil Muertes vs. Matanza

ER: These guys know how to to a big match, and they brought out plenty bells and whistles for this one. This was arguably one of Muertes' best performances. He was the guy taking it right to Matanza. His right hands were blistering, he hit a big dive, an awesome spear into a bunch of chairs, took tons of big bumps onto numerous caskets (one over the top onto one, getting powerbombed onto one, and more), and just moving things along. Dario was a real champ in this too. Him grabbing Muertes' foot, getting yanked onto the apron and then taking a wild bump onto the apron and floor (that the camera almost missed, get your act together Rodriguez). I was not expecting that. He also takes a tumble from a Catrina slap. I really loved all the bumps into caskets, and jeez were the guys doing some back breaking labor throughout all of this, dragging those caskets around and throwing them into and out of the ring. Matanza also threw some of the best punches I've seen from him, his headbutts were great, of course all of his throws, and I loved the powerslam into the casket. A bunch of great stuff here. Now I just want even more!

PAS: This was a match of insane moments, I don't think it was as great a holistic match as the other big time Muertes match, but man were those moments awesome. Matanza choking Catrina and getting speared into chairs was incredible as was all of the awkward janky bumps on the caskets and the fist through the casket lid was one of the coolest wrestling visuals I can ever remember seeing. They left some violence on the table for next time, and I am excited to see it ramped up another level.

ER: Oh man I loved that scene with Lamas in the back of a limo. Who the hell can the mayor be!?  I loved all of Lamas' stammering and the shot of him in line with the lit cigar. Please don't let the mayor be Russo.


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