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Monday, June 27, 2016

The King Busts a Street Light Out Past Midnight

Jerry Lawler/Blackjack Mulligan v. Ken Patera/Jerry Blackwell AWA 3/4/84 -EPIC

Very cool opportunity to watch Lawler match up with Blackwell again, they had a classic singles match in Memphis also the Sheiks are a legendary tag team and any chance we get to check them out is welcome. Lawler has a bunch of tag matches, but we don't get to see him work as face in peril very much, unsurprisingly he is awesome at it. There is some really great spots working his way out of bear hugs, Lawler is great at getting space in bear hug, clearing enough room to land a punch to the face, bear hugs can be a boring time killer spot, but both Blackwell and Patera are great at applying them and Lawler is awesome at extricating himself. There are also some great back and forth punch exchanges with both heels. Finish is a little screwy, but has great heat.

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