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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Lucha Worth Watching: Pierroth vs. La Mascara

Pierroth vs. La Mascara (CMLL 6/3/16)

Really fun singles match, loved both guys in this one. Pierroth is a really great brawler, loved his hook punches to the back of Mascara's jaw, and Mascara brought the stiffness right back, especially with his mounted punches. He was really grabbing Pierroth by the back of the head and popping him! Mascara hits a huge spear on the rampway, with Pierroth splatting on a tough landing, and later Pierroth pays him back by ole-ing Mascara right into the ring barricade off a tope attempt and planting him in the ring with a nasty powerbomb, splatting him with a senton. We get some violent mask ripping from both guys (man it always kills my neck seeing guys getting all wrenched around while their mask is ripped), both guys unmasking the other (though it backfires on Pierroth both times), just a fun short high energy brawl, both guys bringing it. With a bit more build to the end of the segunda this would have easily landed on our MOTY list. Now I need to go back and see the trios with them that I missed, and then the mask match! Right?

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