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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Matt Riddle Wakes Up Late for School Man He Don't Wanna Go

Matt Riddle v. Chuck O'Neil Beyond Wrestling 1/31/16 - FUN

PAS: Chuck O'Neil is also an ex-Ultimate Fighter contestant so this was these guys doing a US Indy version of a worked shoot. This had a bunch of fun ideas, which looked really cool when they pulled them off. The strikes in this felt a little pulled, inconsistent shots is still a problem that Riddle can have and O'Neil's shots didn't look great either. The grappling was dope though, O'Neil putting on an omaplata and then getting spun countered was really cool, as was Riddle holding the guillotine choke through a suplex. I am excited to see how these two grow with each other, and am looking forward to checking out their June rematch.

ER: O'Neil was on the last season of TUF that I watched though I would be lying if I said I remembered much about him. This was a short fun match, but it ran a little too close to "fake MMA", as opposed to just a cool looking worked fight feel. The rolling was fun, O'Neil tosses Riddle with a couple nice suplexes (straight over the top belly to belly and a German where Riddle's body went stiff and bounced another few feet after landing). As Phil said the strikes weren't very tight, which held this back from being a really wild sub-5 minute affair, with the standing kicks to the chest especially disappointing. But the finish was awesome with Riddle leaping into a guillotine and O'Neil trying to suplex out of it, but Riddle holding on and rolling through with it. Bonus points for Gulak sporting a 0.7 on the "HBK Officiating a Best Golden Girls Quote Contest at Pride Weekend" ref attire scale.


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