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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Matt Riddle Screams and Hollers at Your Chevy Impala

Matt Riddle v. Falah Bahh MFPW 6/11/16 - GREAT

PAS: Bahh is an agile enormous dude who works a Yokozuna gimmick. Bahh was really great in this, he has some very fun immovable object spots, and breaks out some impressive athletic feats as well, his body press is very fast and devastating looking it has to feel like getting hit by a smart car. Riddle works much more like a traditional wrestling babyface in MFPW, with less shootstlye flourishes and he is really fun in this finding ways to use his speed and KO power to find attacks. He does this leaping guillotine with knee strikes that was immensely cool. Loved the finish too, Riddle's jumping knee was totally believable as a KO blow.

ER: Boy was this my kinda match. Fat guy, didn't overstay its welcome, fun spots, yes ma'am. Announcers push Bahh as 400-500 lb, which I don't buy for a second, but fat is fat and if they want to pretend he's bigger than the fattest era Vader then fine. And Bahh had some fun fat guy stuff, especially loved his crossbody, which Riddle sells by coming off the ropes and running into a volleyball net made of fat. He also catches Riddle doing some grappling and just dumps him with a great suplex. Bahh drops a great legdrop, too, which is essential for his type of low center of gravity fatness. Riddle's knee combos are superb and he is always so good at hitting them point of knee, super accurately, no matter if he's standing or flying recklessly off the ropes. Riddle delights further by hitting an insane swanton, floating 2/3 of the way across the ring and really waiting to tuck until just about the last minute. For the first part of the move he looked like he was on wires. Just nuts. I really loved this match. It wouldn't have taken much more for it to land on our MOTY list.


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